Magnesia treatment of gingival edema

Piggy bank of folk recipes Folk remedies and methods of treatment than to remove the swelling of the gums

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    Fragments of the text of the post. It all started with the fact that I increasingly began to notice the blood on gums. I bought myself the most soft toothbrush, but also from her gums bleeding. I'll go to the mirror and see the blood on gum. Look how many ads on TV about sensitive gums. I already and to gums his bleeding habituated, almost did not pay attention to it. I did not even think that gums can spoil life so. It turns out that people are doing real operations on gums. To their remove, you need an operation. Raise gum, clean the stones, then apply the plaster to gum on a place has laid down, and a teeth have not loosened up. One upper gum it would have taken 2/3 of my pension, and then the lower one also needs to be done. Try, he says, treat gums some kind of folk method. But in fact it was also necessary to find a recipe that gums helps. But after regular procedures, not only gums, but also teeth. Teeth and gums remain healthy, strong. Yes, and gums my doctor praised. Treat your teeth and gums and be well.