Removal of edema after fracture of the ankle

author: doctor Kamneva A.N.

Fracture of the ankle is divided into several types: 1 - open fractures; 2 - closed fractures; 3 - fractures, which are associated with soft tissue injuries; 4 - fractures with displacement of bone fragments and without them.

The way of rehabilitation will depend directly on thethe type of fracture and its severity. It depends on these factors how long it will take to completely restore the limb. There is a whole complex of exercises for rehabilitation, after damage to the bone of the ankle, which aims to further restore this part of the body.

How to ease the recovery process after an ankle fracture?

If an ankle fracture is not displaced. then after about 3-5 days the patient is allowed to move around the ward or around the room, if he is at home. After the gypsum is removed, there will be a need to restore the full volume of movements of the damaged joint. For this it is necessary to carry out a set of exercises of special therapeutic physical training. These exercises help to eliminate swelling of the injured leg, prevent the appearance of posttraumatic flatfoot, restore deformed fingers and feet, do not allow the formation of heel spurs.

In the morning, it is necessary to bandage a sore legAn elastic bandage from the fingers to the knee joint. With a massage or exercise therapeutic gymnastics, and even more so for the night the bandage is removed. After fracture of the ankle, it is strongly recommended to use shoes with a special instep, which is manufactured by an individual measure taken from a damaged leg. Remember that the timing of fracture fusion can not be reduced without the patient's involvement.

What exercises need to be performed for successful rehabilitation?

In the process of rehabilitation, it is recommended thatsimple exercises of respiratory gymnastics, as well as general development exercises, to actively move the fingers of the broken leg, bend and unbend the leg in the knee, produce movement of the hip joint, alternately strain the muscles of the lower leg and thigh. These exercises should be used by patients on a regular basis and in turn.

You also need to do the exercisesrestorative gymnastics, for this it is necessary to seize small objects, with the fingers of the injured leg holding them, try to bend the sole, cover the tennis ball with a foot that is injured with a leg and roll it with a gymnastic stick.

For effective rehabilitation, you can usewalking on socks and heels alternately, walk on the outer and inner arches of the feet, you also need to move sideways or backwards and apply the movement in single file.

How to deal with swelling of the injured leg?

Fracture of the ankle, in other matters, like any otherfracture of the tibia without displacement or with displacement, gives a powerful edema of soft tissue. To remove the edema is also recommended a set of exercises. To do this, you need to periodically lower your legs from the bed to the floor, then lift them and keep on weight for at least a few minutes. In the future, this exercise can be complicated, it is necessary to lie on your back, raise your legs and hold them in this position for about 10-15 minutes. If the swelling is very severe, then at night under the foot is recommended to put a pillow.

What physiotherapy procedures will help in recovery?

Very effective in rehabilitation after fractureankle application of massage and hydrotherapy, as well as other physiotherapy procedures that improve the healing process of the damaged ankle and tone muscles that have been without movement during the entire period of bone fusion.

Essential help is provided by the massage of a sore leg. It is usually held in a comfortable sitting position. Massage is recommended in the morning and evening, while you need to stroke, knead and shake your aching leg. Each type of massage movements is repeated 10 times. Particular attention to massage should be given to the ankle and heel area. When a massage should be no pain.

Every night you can make a bath for a sick leg,it should be kept in water for about 10-15 minutes, the water level should reach the knee, the water temperature is 36-37 degrees. In the water you can make active foot movements.

Author: Pediatrician O.Sazonova.

Fracture of the hip is a type of injury of the femur, which is accompanied by a violation of its integrity. In childhood, distinguish acquired and congenital fractures of the hip.

Fracture of the clavicle, like any other fracturebone, requires immobilization, which allows you to immobilize the fragments and thereby prevent the development of possible complications. In particular, damage to fragments of vascular and neural bundles, which in turn can lead to bleeding and severe blood loss.

Rehabilitation is undoubtedly an important linkin the complex treatment of fractures. The goal of rehabilitation, including such a method as exercise therapy, is to optimize the course of recovery processes, return the musculoskeletal function of the bone and joints, and also all the hands completely, to correct the general condition and prevent the development of trophic changes in muscles, ligamentous apparatus , and in the joints and, of course. in the bones.

author: doctor Martynenko O.V.

The human brain is the most complex andpoorly studied area of ​​the human body. He controls the work of all organs and systems, ensures the maintenance of vital functions, but, unfortunately, is not capable of regeneration. Leading scientists were able to clone in modern laboratories any organs other than the human brain. Any craniocerebral injury of varying severity is dangerous for human health and life. If the victim still managed to survive after a traumatic brain injury, the consequences will still remain.

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

Rehabilitation after an ankle fracture shouldbegin when the person has already undergone surgery (if there was a displacement of the bone fragments) and impose a cast, or if there was no displacement, immediately after applying the gypsum. Exercises performed during this period should help reduce soft tissue edema, improve blood circulation and lymph drainage, which should accelerate the coalescence of bone fragments.

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

Ankle joint is formed by endingsbones of the lower leg, thinning and forming small projections in the joint with the foot, the ankles - external and internal. The inner ankle is formed by the tibia, the outer one - the peroneal. They cover the bone of the foot, which is called ram, forming a kind of fork that is slightly longer on the inside.

author: doctor Krivega M.S.

Exercises after an ankle fracture are worth starting,when the leg is still in the cast - on the 2-3 day after the fracture. These exercises will be aimed at improving blood circulation in the fracture site, which gives the chance that the fracture will sooner heal. Only one "but": about the exercises in this period, you need to consult with the doctor in charge, as there may be a situation where the fracture was so complicated that it was hardly compared, and excess movement can disrupt the normal growth of bone fragments.

author: doctor Martynenko O.V.

Fractures are one of the most commonoccurring injuries in sports, which not only deliver a lot of unpleasant moments to the injured, but also for a long time takes the athlete out of action. And in our era, when professional sports have become a source of large incomes, sports organizations can suffer huge financial losses due to sports injuries.