The neck is swollen from the lymph node

Chronic diseases: Chronic tonsillitis, cholecystitis, endometriosis, fibrous mastopathy

Hello, Doctor! Please help me understand where to move next. I am ill for the third month, one SARS ends, the second begins (the children are infected), exacerbation of chronic tonsillitis, the body is rather weakened. Many years ago she was with an immunologist, she gave me the diagnosis of immunodeficiency (there are not enough protective cells) according to the results of the immunogram of the blood.
And against the backdrop of these permanent infections, the monthBack at me chains of lymphonoduses on a neck have increased. According to the conclusion of ultrasound, chains of enlarged cervical up to 22x14 mm of oval shape, reduced echogenicity, single axillary sizes up to 16x6 mm with lipodystrophic changes in the form of thinning of the cortical hypoechoic layer (the doctor explained that these are old nodes) and single enlarged abdominal in the gates of the liver and in the pancreatoduodenal zone up to 12X6 mm of the oval form, without structural changes (I have cron.) Cholecystitis.
Has handed over the general or common analysis of a blood: WBC - 6.55, RBC - 4.93, HGB-14.0, HCT-38.6, MCV-78.3, MCH-28.4, PLT-258, RDW-SD 35.8, RDW-CV-13.0, PDW-11.0, MPV-9.5, P-LCR-21.5, PCT-0.25 , NEUT - 3.61 (or 55.2%), LYMPH - 2.17 (or 33.1%), MONO - 0.56 (or 8.5%), EO - 0.17 (or 2.6%), BASO - 0.04, ESR - 11 mm / h and more by hand: n-1, s-58, m-7, e-3, l -31.
Addressed to an ENT to the doctor, suggests to delete tonsils. Symptoms that concern me are itching of the skin (already 3 months), weakness, enlarged lymph nodes (they grope under the skin of the neck, soft, elastic), the neck is now swollen from both sides along the muscles, it is difficult to turn the head, unpleasant sensations in the throat. Prompt, whether it is necessary to me further to be surveyed at a hematologist to exclude problems with a limfosystem? Thank you very much for your help, doctor!

Tags: cervical lymph nodes have been enlarged for several years, the chain has been enlarged

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I'll say it shortly, just do not get scared. You need to exclude lymphogranulomatosis, depending on who does it for you. These are either oncologists or hematologists. Most likely, a lymph node biopsy is required.
Good luck.