The neck has gone off what to do

Neck leakage - this situation is far from the mostThe common, most commonly occurring because of the increase in lymph nodes. Nevertheless, even with a suspicion of the lymphatic system, it is necessary to double-check the body and make sure that a diagnosis is made to prescribe the right treatment.

If we consider lymphadenitis, then it is necessarystart by considering the reasons. As a rule, this particular effect is exerted by infectious inflammatory diseases, more often the airways, and also any problems of the oral cavity. Also, the increase in lymph nodes can be caused by a number of factors that have affected the reduction of immunity. It can be various and mechanical injuries, and stresses of the body in the nervous plane, hypothermia and so on. There are also lesions of the system itself, where a more thorough diagnosis is needed, since all this may indicate a tendency to develop cancer.

Essential in the treatment of not onlyedema of the neck, but also the inflammation of the lymph nodes is diagnosed. Your attending physician will first examine your neck, throat and even the oral cavity, and will also make a general picture of the disease. If we do not consider the previously described independent disease as lymphogranulomatosis, and go on to indirect reasons, then we can distinguish the following sub-paragraphs. First, the inflammatory and infectious processes of the oral cavity, which cause an increase in submandibular nodes. Possible for wound, ulcers, gingivitis, pulpitis and caries. Non-compliance with oral hygiene and rare visits to the dentist can lead to such problems. And secondly, suppuration of the wound near the neck area. The increase in lymph nodes on the neck is often an indicator of inflammatory, as well as purulent processes in the surrounding area. Disease-causing microbes that multiply in the wound affect the lymphatic system.

Edema of the neck due to inflammatory processes in the lymphatic system

Not notice swelling of the neck is impossible. However, with a slight increase in lymph nodes, they can be detected only when the neck is being palpated, and it is also necessary to send the patient to the delivery of a number of tests. Lymphadenitis is the morbidity of the lymph nodes, accompanied by a decrease in the general parameters of the body with an increase in temperature. If the cause of edema of the neck does not lie with the problems with the lymph nodes, then when palpation there will be no painful sensations and lymph nodes will not be so obvious. Often, lymph nodes increase in direct proportion to their lesions, because of this, and there may be some visual effect and the edema of the neck. In case of difficulty breathing - call a doctor immediately! Certainly, the presence of a more mild symptomatology is not the reason not to visit the doctor.

Never forget that lymphadenitis is in fact a pointer to the problem of the surrounding lymph nodes of the surface.

When establishing the cause of edema of the neck is appointedtreatment. It is important for a specialist to distinguish lymphadenitis from Quincke's edema. In treatment, both local and internal therapy are considered. In the presence of purulent escort, the focus is excised, drainage is carried out and anti-inflammatory drugs are prescribed. The doctor appoints rinsing and a strict regimen, in which special attention is paid to the surrounding tissue hygiene. It is important to follow a diet that does not provoke an allergy again (in order not to aggravate the patient's situation), it is forbidden to drink alcohol. It is necessary not to get cold and let the body recover completely, and not aggravate the process. It is not necessary to reduce the intake of immunostimulants (with a negative result of onco-markers). The doctor is obliged to check the blood condition not only to confirm the presence of the inflammatory process, but also for the timely diagnosis of neoplasms or HIV infection. Still, blood is the main indicator of the state of the body. Considering the neck area, we must not forget about the thyroid gland. If necessary, the doctor also prescribes tests for her hormones. Do not forget that the pathology of the endocrine system can also serve to increase the neck area. Do not exclude x-rays and computed tomography, as well as taking a biopsy and conducting histology. Again, to exclude the degeneration of tissues in oncological.

As soon as you observe lymphadenitis. as well as an increase in the swelling of the neck, do not hesitate and go to the doctor. You are shown a therapist, an otolaryngologist, a dentist, as well as a visit to the laboratory for taking blood and, if necessary, conducting a histological examination.

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