The cheek has dried after tooth treatment

Antibiotics are even better poprinimat for 3-4 days before removal. If it is not urgent.

Or after. Especially if the flux has already been or the heart is sick.

If there is inflammation, then there is an infection. Something to kill her?

And even if there is no inflammation before the infection, then this infection can get into the open wound. And a double way. and from the outside and the flow of blood from the body itself.

They live in microbes quietly and remain silent for the time being.

So say all the competent dentists.

And antibiotics for 5 days prescribed.

Urgently to the doctor, can be brought an infection. My sister after an unsuccessful tooth extraction got to the hospital, and one man also died after the tooth extraction, he was later brought to the hospital, blood poisoning began, and they could not save him any more. In general, her doctor in the hospital later said that after each removal, it is better to drink antibiotics just in case, just as during the removal an infection can be entered.

Well, you are right away - antibiotics. If it's just a filling, why should antibiotics be treated? a small swelling can be, quite a bit, leukocytes and protein fly into the place of removal, and liquid comes out, and blood also. - 3 years ago

To my great regret, yes, doctors say to drinkantibiotics after tooth extraction. Although this is not always necessary. If a day or two there is a strong swelling, you can drink. And so only immunity to ruin. - 3 years ago

When leaving anesthesia after tooth extractionthere is a feeling that the cheek has fallen. Such a feeling can be before the full withdrawal of anesthesia. If the swelling persists for more than a day or increases, then in this case you need to see a doctor. There is a possibility of infection in the wound (crater from tooth extraction). It is necessary to take measures to eliminate.

My doctor recommended me after the expiration of 5 hours after removing the rinse mouth with sage and chamomile infusion. It seems to be easier.

At me too such was when have pulled out a toothwisdom, the cheek was swollen, it was even painful to drink and eat. If this happened you need to contact a dentist who removed your tooth, he can open a hospital and prescribe a treatment. Treatment is usually conservative antibiotics, anesthetizing mouthwash with soda or herbal decoction, and physiotherapy can also be prescribed. After successful treatment, improvement occurs in a week.