Why a person swells after sleeping

Why do my eyes swell after sleeping?

Many people notice swelling in the morning afterawakening, not many seek to clarify the primary source of "bags under the eyes." Well if the symptom - an exceptionally cosmetic defect, because it can serve as a sign of the disease, a pathological impairment of the body. For people who have this ailment, it is necessary to find out why the eyes swell after sleeping.

1. Lifestyle. Due to lack of sleep, smoking, drinking large doses of alcohol, late dinner at night, the appearance of morning swelling is guaranteed. Prolonged management of an incorrect way of life will lead to chronic edemas.

2. Sleep. The wrong position of the head provokes swelling of the eyelids. The head should rise above the trunk. Sleep recommended on the pillow.

2. Table salt. Those who consume excessive amounts of salty foods top the list of patients with eyelid edema. The reason is the increased amount of salt that keeps water in the vascular bed. The liquid that appears in the tissues leads to edema.

3. Diseases of the renal system - the main cause of the morning swelling of the eyelids. The impaired renal function filters the fluid slowly and accumulates it in the body, tissues, leading to swelling. With advanced kidney problems, edema appears on the trunk, upper, lower extremities. In severe cases, it remains for a long time, requiring medication with diuretics.

4. Diseases of the heart. The weakness of the work of the heart disrupts the circulation of blood, making it difficult to drain from the peripheral parts - there are edemas of the eyelids.