After the tattoo of the eyebrows, the eyelids swelled

Tattoo of the century Ivano-Frankivsk. Call the master on the tattoo of the Ivano-Frankivsk century. Tattoo century at home Ivano-Frankivsk. Arrow classic, arrow with feather.

In our time, any successful woman shouldlook like she does not part with a personal make-up artist! Look fresh and perfect at any time of year and day, regardless of the weather and situation - you will help (permanent make-up) tattoo century Ivano-Frankivsk.

Tattoo gives the look expressiveness and depth. In addition tattoo century eliminates the need to apply makeup on a daily basis, which significantly saves time and, perhaps, helps to cope with allergies to cosmetics.

With the help of permanent make-up (tattooing), you can correct such shortcomings:

- Raise the eyelid, make it visually more round or vice versa elongated.

- Change the direction of the eyebrows, their color and shape, align the height, width and length.

- Make thick black cilia by filling the intermittent space.

Tattooing eyelids often looks like a linerintermittent contour, which visually emphasize the shape of the eyes and create the effect of the density of eyelashes. Many customers are advised to make an arrow or a slight feathering on the upper eyelid, this will change the shape of the eyes and eliminate the need for everyday use of cosmetics. The lower eyelid can also be emphasized.

After complete healing of any kind of tattoo, helook natural and beautiful, like eyelids or eyebrows penciled in pencil. In this case, do not forget that tattooing is an excellent basis for both evening and day makeup. The finished book is kept for about two years.

You can call the tattoo master at home every day from 8.00 to 18.30. We leave to any areas of the city + You can go to the suburbs (Kluzev, Podluzhye, Podpechery, Ugorniki, Nikitintsy, Chukalovka, Dragomirchany, Zagvozdye, Podlesye, Rybnoye, Ugrinov, Stebnik).

We also provide other services for tattooing in the cityIvano-Frankivsk:

- Lip tattoo (contour, contour with feathering).
- Tattoo of the eyelids (arrows, sores).
- Tattoo of eyebrows (hairs, feathering).
- Mushka.

An incredible number of techniques will allow for each type of person to find an individual approach. Consultation of a specialist before and after procedures! Recommendations for care!

Procedures are painless (pain medications are administered before and after the session)!

The sterility of the instrument in any work is a signquality and professionalism. The master opens the tools packed in individual packing at the client. Anesthetics used in the procedure are produced by Germany, France and other countries. Paint is also bottled in the client.

The choice of pigment color is carried out in dependencefrom the type of the client's appearance. Specialists will offer up to 50 colors and expensive pigment brands: LCN pmc. My Style produced in Germany and pigments produced by the USA.

We guarantee 100% quality of our services for eyebrow tattoos, eyelids, lips. Be always seductive and beautiful!