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Legs have to move a huge weight andthey often work beyond any norm, especially if they belong, for example, to a saleswoman, a doctor or a housewife. Charter. they hurt, swell, change their gait. It ages any woman, even if she is not yet twenty. Swelling, the legs lose their beautiful shape, they change their proportions. If their daily fatigue does not fight, then after a few years the legs will be disfigured.

What proportions of female legs are considered ideal?

People who consider themselves specialists, have tried to make a table for the ideal shape of the legs, depending on the physique. These are the parameters:

Correct the flaws in the shape of the legsmethods is impossible, and stupid, in my opinion. Surgeons can correct the shape of the nose, eliminate wrinkles. but with the shape of the legs you have to accept. But nothing prevents you from taking care that they are not spoiled by gooseflesh, veins, bumps on the joints of the thumbs, excessive hairiness.

Wear only comfortable shoes, consult a doctor at the slightest sign of manifestations of varicose veins. and also visit, at least once a quarter, a pedicure salon.

If your legs are tired, do it, first of all,a warm bath, with simultaneous massage soaped brushes in a direction from a foot upwards. Wash your feet daily. Energetic massage in circular movements stimulates blood circulation, smooths the skin.

If the skin is cracked on the heels. rub into it after each wash glycerin cream, cream "Calendula" or sintomitsinovuyu emulsion.

With fatigue and swelling of the feet, especially after long walks, make a warm foot bath with sea salt.

If sweating is excessive, wash your feet dailywarm water with soap, then "soak" in the broth of the herbal mixture: leaves of mountain ash, St. John's wort, wormwood, oak bark. After that, dry your feet, sprinkle them with talc. Twice a week, carefully rub the paste between the fingers of Teymurov.

If excessive hairiness, use a 6% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

If the hips are too full, consult a doctor -for such a disadvantage is most often the physiological cause. From external procedures, you can use an energetic massage with a brush (up from the knees), a variable Charcot shower, a massage with a hard bath gauze moistened with cold water.

With goose skin sunburn is useful. and in winter irradiation with a quartz lamp (solarium), but only in the absence of varicose veins on the legs, otherwise the irradiation with a quartz lamp is contraindicated.

In fungal diseases of the feet, verycommon and delivering a lot of trouble, contact a dermatologist. In this case, you can give only general recommendations: wash the washed legs with a solution of potassium permanganate, carefully dry the skin between the fingers and use an antifungal medication. In the morning, always wear fresh tights or socks, if possible, pour a little bit of boric acid powder into them.

Use any convenient opportunity torelax. straightening their legs and lifting them above the body. While relaxing in nature, lay down on legs over a tree. Watching TV, put your feet on a chair. This position will rest not only for tired legs, but also for the heart.

Cold feet - the ailment of fat women and younggirls. Icy feet prevent sleep. In this case, it is recommended to save the baths of variable temperature, running in place, leaning on the tips of your fingers, and warm socks, and in bed - gymnastics for the feet: try to raise them higher and make circular motions, then lower your legs and expect the flow of blood. The pleasant warmth will begin to pour over your feet, as if the legs warm the electric heater.

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