Why withers swell on dialysis

Where the cervical spine passes into the thoracic department, stagnant processes associated with overstrain of the neck muscles may occur, which is fraught with the deposition of connective tissue fiber. All about the problem of "withers on the neck", how to get rid of it, in the women's club "Who for 30".

Because of what the withers grow?

Water hump, scruff, withers, wenpopular names of this problem. Most often this trouble overtakes women, beginning from 40 years. By the way, how to properly care for the neck after 40 years can be read in another article on the site komy-za30.ru.

This is not only an aesthetic, but also a serious medical problem that can provoke headaches and problems with the spine. The withers on the neck can appear due to the influence of such factors:

  • Frequent overstrain of the back muscles;
  • Violation of posture, stoop;
  • Sedentary way of life, work at the computer;
  • Hypodinamy.

In addition to purely physical causes and health problems, which lead to the appearance of withers, many associate her education with nervous loads, which carries the person. Hence the so-called "energy stagnation" in the neck region.

Most of all, this applies to women who shoulder many troubles and problems on their shoulders, they constantly have a swarm of thoughts, worries and endless troubles in their lives.

Withers on the neck - symptoms and signs

First of all, you need to make sure that the education on your neck is just withers, and not something else. Among its signs - a crunch during head turns, pain in the back of the neck and neck, tingling, burning, numbness, dizziness.

Some women underestimate this problem, referring to the fact that it does not bring any particular discomfort.

But believe me, do not underestimate this trouble. This "hump" is capable of squeeze arteries, which can lead to hypoxia (a violation of the blood supply) of the brain and the collar zone.

Before you begin treatment, you need to make sure,that you do not have concomitant diseases, incompatible with the use of ointments and massage. If you are hypertensive or you have intervertebral hernias, self-medication can not be done, the site komy-za30.ru insists on the need to seek help from a doctor.

Withers around the neck: treatment

The very first and most effective method for getting rid of withers is massage. It can be carried out both by an experienced specialist and by yourself, by stretching the problem area with your hands or with a special massager.

For self-massage you can use special oils or usual olive oil, because "on dry" women complain that they have a sore withers on their neck. This method is also good for preventing the appearance of "nape".

Another good way to deal with the build-up on the neck - dousing with cold water and a contrast shower. It is possible to carry out such procedures every morning, withwashing. It is useful to direct the water jet to the back of the head and below it. Also, good results are obtained by grinding with a wet towel. After that, you can lubricate the neck with a nutritious cream or butter.

How to remove the withers on the neck: traditional medicine

There are many recipes from folk medicine that help get rid of the hump on the neck. These, for example, are:

  1. Take 3 parts of milk, 3 parts of honey, 1 partground laurel leaf, 1 onion, grated on a fine grater. Mix all ingredients, apply a slurry on a cotton cloth and attach to the withers. This compress should be kept for about half an hour, after which it should be washed off. The procedure should be carried out daily until the build-up begins to decrease.
  2. This method is suitable for the "neglected" stageailment. Take 1 egg, 3 tablespoons. vegetable (for example, olive) oil, mix and pour in a third of a glass of turpentine and the same 6% vinegar, mix. Again, take a rag, put a received gruel on it and attach it to the withers for 20 minutes. Repeat every day until the formation diminishes in size.

Exercises from withers on the neck

If you take yourself as a rule to perform dailyuncomplicated gymnastics, then you will not only get rid of the hated build-up on your neck, but you can prevent the appearance of withers. Exercises are very simple and they can be performed in virtually any position of the body: standing or sitting, you can even lie down while doing this.

Such therapeutic exercise consists of arbitrary, repetitive slopes, turns of the head. do head inclinations back-forward, right-left, rotation of the chin alternately - then to one, then to the other shoulder.

During this "training", make sure that there is no dizziness. The amplitude of the movements is small, the tempo of execution is slow.

Many women in 40 are interested in the question of how to break the withers on the neck. But is not it better not to let her appear?

To do this, lead a correct, active way of life. Be engaged in improving physical culture, do not leave in the life a place to bad habits, walk on fresh air.

Very important is also occupational health: if you are an office worker and spend all of your working hours sitting at a computer monitor, do 5-minute breaks every hour. Remember, your health depends only on you!

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