Do the walls of the vagina flow with thrush

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At the woman at a candidiasis amazes mucousvagina with Candida fungi. With unexpressed signs, the disease remains undetected and can subsequently cause complications. The affected mucosa loosens and undergoes microtrauma. Abortion in any case causes injury to the mucous walls of the vagina. Therefore, abortion with thrush is not recommended, since complications are possible. Infection through microtrauma can affect deep tissue or blood flow to spread to other organs.

Let's return to the question: "Do abortions for thrush, if the disease is asymptomatic?". Absolute contraindications to abortion for a woman are the presence of acute and subacute inflammation. Chronic thrush without obvious symptoms is a relative contraindication. In acute candidiasis, artificial abortion is done only after treatment and elimination of inflammation. A woman who plans to have an abortion should know that any untreated infection site can complicate recovery after an invasive intervention.

If you have an abortion with thrush, be sure toprescribe antifungal and anti-inflammatory drugs that reduce the risk of fungal proliferation and infection. It should be noted that repeated abortions with untreated candidiasis can strongly negatively affect the fertility of women. The fact is that artificial abortion is a shock to the body. Frequent abortions in the presence of candidiasis become one of the significant causes of not only chronic inflammation, but also miscarriage.

Abortion can roughly break the hormonalreorganization in the body of a woman, which can complicate the course of the disease itself. Medical abortion, which is offered to women at small gestational age, refers to sparing and non-threatening complications. But medical abortion with thrush can not be considered as safe as possible.

The risk of uterine disease increases,inflammation of the appendages. There are long-term consequences of abortion during chronic or subacute illnesses. One of the most dangerous is infertility or miscarriage. Because of this, if a woman has a history of thrush, after her abortion, she must undergo rehabilitation treatment.

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