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Since morning after a dream the right upper eyelid swells upchild, age 4 months. After an hour, everything goes by itself. While the oculist is on vacation, the local paramedic advised dripping levomycetin. 3-4 days, until they dripped everything passed and the eyelid did not swell. As soon as they stopped dripping the next day the child woke up again with a swollen eyelid. There are purulent discharge, rare and in very small quantities. What could it be? How serious is this? Will this affect the vision in the future?

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Hello! It will not affect vision. Edema can be infectious-inflammatory or allergic in nature. Given the presence of purulent discharge, we can assume knjunkictivit with a reactive eyelid edema, or barley against conjunctivitis, inflammation of lacrimal canals, etc. D. Levomycetin are not the most effective drops. Until your ophulist came out, try to shake Vitabact 3 times a day for no more than 14 days, this is an antiseptic that is allowed for children under 1 year old, it will not allow the inflammation to actively develop, but I do not guarantee full recovery on its background. Absolutely nothing to drip in this situation is wrong, but to prescribe stronger drugs without examination is also not worth it. Ideally, you need to give a smear from the eye mucosa to the microflora before the treatment (before taking the tests for at least 3-5 days nothing to drip), the direction the doctor will give you after the examination, if necessary.