Why the labia flow around

Often, women and girls are embarrassed to talk aboutsuch intimate problems, which are associated with gynecology and reproductive health. They believe that everything will pass by itself with the passage of time. Especially in the event that the problem is not accompanied by acute pains, fever, etc. However, this is not always the case. If it does not hurt too much, this does not mean that "it will resolve itself", as it is customary to say.

Today we will talk about such a common phenomenon,As a painful sensation and swelling in the genital area. Not always it can be noticed visually, but it, nevertheless, is present. The most common phenomenon is when the labia or both are swollen. In the vast majority of cases, this is accompanied by unpleasant sensations in the inguinal region, which become especially noticeable when moving or when a woman is sitting.

If the labia has swollen, there can be several reasons, and only a thorough examination can reveal the main one.

As practice shows, the most commonthe cause is damage to the perineum as a result of mechanical action. In other words, if the labia has swollen or both, then answer yourself to the questions:
- What kind of clothes do you wear?
- Have you had any sexual intercourse recently?

And here it is necessary to explain a little more in detail. As is known, as a result of mechanical movements, especially with prolonged sexual contact, microcracks can appear on the mucous of the genital organs, resulting in small inflammations. Hence the swelling, as well as the unpleasant painful sensations mentioned above. As a rule, it takes a few days, if you exclude the source of irritation.

But this, of course, is not the only reason. Thrush is not excluded. The result is exactly the same - the labia has swollen and painful sensations have appeared. Usually there is burning not only from the outside, but also into the vagina. Indirectly, this is indicated by other signs, namely the nature of the excreta that accompanies them, and unpleasant sensations. Allocations become more dense, sometimes curdled, or lumps are traced in them. In addition, there is a characteristic smell - sour or similar to the smell of fish, as it may seem from the side. All this is due to the fact that the microflora of the vagina and microbes are changing, which are usually suppressed by immunity, begin to become more active in the body.

Therefore, the fact that the small labia has swollen,can be a sign of many diseases. All that we listed above are not the only reasons for this scourge, but first of all thrush and STDs (that is, sexually transmitted diseases) should be excluded.

Perhaps there is an inflammation of Bartholinglands. Bartholin glands are next to the vagina and their blockage can lead to exactly such consequences. As a result, their activity is disrupted, glands do not produce lubrication, swelling and swelling appear. By the way, did you know that doctors still do not know the exact cause of this phenomenon? It is believed that this, as well as thrush, and other inflammatory processes in the body, is associated with the activation of pathogenic microbes, for example, such as staphylococcus and others.

Sometimes the swelling is accompanied with painfulurination, and secretions also change color, consistency and odor. The cause of this is gardnerellez. This is one of the varieties of dysbiosis of the vaginal environment.

As you can see, there can be many reasons. So do not try to diagnose, let alone treat yourself.

Why the labia has swelled up - this will tell about itonly a doctor, based on the results of the analyzes, but one can not treat this phenomenon superficially. It depends on your health and reproductive functions of the body - the ability to conceive and bear a healthy child.