Bled swollen cheek after removal of wisdom tooth

Drunya The connoisseur (290), on a vote 2 years ago

Have removed a wisdom tooth. Now comes to an end the second day after the operation. Edema of the cheek / gum does not subside. As if a nut was tucked behind a cheek. The gum does not hurt, just a chubby cheek. How much should the edema leave?

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Luna Luna Mudrets (15538) 2 years ago

not less than a week

Ryuzaki_L Guru (4604) 2 years ago

"second day after surgery" what kind of pancake operation? The simplest procedure. I was tearing up the eighth, so I did not even feel anything, as if there was no swelling in the oil.
That's when the sixth was torn in the state clinic by polisuns, yes, it was hard, hollowing out the hollow, and the swelling was pipets.
With a wisdom tooth or easier, or the doctor I got already good, in a private clinic.