Can with hemorrhoids swell the rectum

January 26, 17:54, 2014

No, hemorrhoids themselves can not cause cancer of the straightguts. According to international research, hemorrhoidal nodes are never malignant and do not turn into cancer. However, quite often cancer of the rectum and hemorrhoids occur simultaneously. This is due to the fact that the man simultaneously developed two diseases - both hemorrhoids and rectum cancer. Especially often, hemorrhoids and cancer are combined in the elderly.

Between hemorrhoids and cancer, you can identify an indirectcommunication. So, hemorrhoids are usually formed with chronic constipation and inflammatory diseases of the rectum, which are, in fact, risk factors for cancer. Thus, the period of prolonged existence of hemorrhoids may indirectly indicate the presence of risk factors for colorectal cancer. Given a certain confluence of circumstances, these predisposing factors can lead to the development of cancer. Thus, we get a chain visible to the eye - the long existence of hemorrhoids - the development of cancer. However, not hemorrhoids caused cancer, but it proceeded in parallel.

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