Swollen chin

02-Aug-18:43, 2011

Zdrastvujte!On the chin came out pimple, it was not visible, but a little ached a bit. A day ago, I accidentally brushed my brother's shoulder to the place where the pimple came out. And I was not particularly hurt, but my chin after that swelled, there were no bruises, light reddening. The second day as a shishak does not go away and it hurts! What can it be?

03 August 13:06, 2011

Perhaps the spread of infection in thedeeper layers of the skin. It is advisable to undergo a surgeon's examination (you can also have a general surgeon in a polyclinic) to exclude more serious conditions that may arise in such a situation - the formation of an abscess or boil.

01-Nov-10:15, 2012

Good afternoon. I caught a cold. There is no temperature, a sore throat, a stuffy nose. And this morning I woke up and saw that I had swelling on the lower part of the face (below the lower lip on both sides, but not the chin). Is this related to illness and what can be done at home? Thank you.

01-Nov-13:01, 2012

In this case, it is recommended as soon as possibleconsult an ENT doctor or physician with an infection therapist to conduct a personal examination and determine the cause of edema. It may be associated with the disease, it is necessary to exclude epidpidotitis. It is not recommended to engage in self-treatment, tk. this can aggravate the situation and cause laryngeal edema. More details of this disease read in the series of articles by clicking on the link: Pig (epidparotitis).

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