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Hemorrhages are considered the most commonthe problem of stop. In their structure they resemble horny skin areas on the soles without a rod, which causes very severe pain when walking. Concerning their sizes, such formations are small and large. Quite often this is how bone bumps are called, which can appear in the region of the fifth toe.

Sometimes this problem becomes chronic and causes flat feet.

The main culprit of the formation of cornsis uncomfortable, narrow shoes and high heels. Predominantly this problem persecutes women, because they prefer beauty, not convenience. However, similar manifestations are also observed in young children and dancers.

Repeatedly, the cause of the onset of corns is overweight, improper blood circulation in the legs and excessive sweating.

Deformation of the bones of the lower limbs, all sorts of nervous disorders, in turn, lead to the appearance of such formations.

Much more often suffer from trampled people, with such a disease as rheumatoid arthritis and with mechanical injuries of the legs.

Stages and symptoms of corns

The corns appear as asymptomatic, and accompanied by certain signs.

At the first stage in the process of intensiveExposure to the skin shows red and swelling, there are unpleasant sensations in the area of ​​the small and large toes. As for the latter, its dimensions increase, and the arrangement with respect to the rest of the fingers changes markedly. In turn, there is periodic or chronic pain accompanied by swelling.

For the next stage, the presence ofgray or yellow areas that do not have well-defined boundaries, with a smooth or rough surface. At times, cracks of different depths are visible on them.

Sensitivity in the area of ​​the location of corns is markedly reduced. The feeling of pain occurs only when walking, and intensifies only when the inflammatory process occurs.

So, in detail having studied, what such natoptyshi it is possiblego to the question of how to get rid of them. Having discovered such a nuisance, first of all it is necessary to eliminate the cause, which contributes to its appearance. Therefore, it will be necessary, at least for a while, to abandon uncomfortable shoes, coarse insoles and heels, replacing all this with more comfortable shoes and boots.

Quite often, the removal ofclinics or beauty salons, with the use of liquid nitrogen and laser beams. However, such radical means should be used only in chronic forms of the disease. In all other cases, this can be handled at home.

Fortunately, there is always a suitable tool in the pharmacy. It is important to know that the composition of the therapeutic drug must contain salicylic acid.

Doing it yourself, you can notto allow the cream or ointment to come into contact with healthy areas of the skin. Initially, the onion is well roasted in a pre-prepared bath. After that, it is pasted on a patch with a hole. As a result, it turns out, the affected area is open, and the skin around it is completely closed. After completing all the preparatory operations, it remains to treat the onslaught with a therapeutic agent. Then it is sealed and left for a while. Softened keratinized areas are removed with a brush.

In this case, it is advisable to visit an orthopedic doctor who will give appropriate recommendations and help you choose individual shoes and insoles.

Many experts advise to make an x-ray of the foot, which will determine the possible presence of concomitant diseases.

In order to prevent this ailment, you need to adhere to some basic rules. First of all, if possible, provide as much rest to the legs and take care of them.

Secondly - to choose the most practical footwear, which will not provoke the appearance of puffiness and pain. Prefer better models with a wide toe.

In order to reduce pressure on the feet,use soft pads made of felt or rubber, initially putting them in the area of ​​the burr. Do not neglect the covers and gaskets separating your fingers.

An important role is played also by regular physical exercises, compresses, baths and massage.

The problem is better to warn in advance, otherwise it will be long and painfully to get rid of it.


Vegetables and fruits in the fight against burrs

An excellent remedy for this kind of ailment is traditional medicine. A large number of various recipes are known to facilitate quick and easy release from it.

Fresh onions - the oldest and most proven method of combating the burrs. It is crushed to a mushy state, applied to a sore spot, fixed with bandage and left so until the morning.

There is another recipe using thisvegetable. The onion head is cut into four equal parts, poured with vinegar and placed for a few days in a dark place. After that, the lobules are applied directly to the hairs and fix them with a bandage. Subsequently, softened skin areas are cleaned using pumice. A month of such procedures will completely get rid of the problem.

Onions are often replaced by compresses from potatoes. It in a crude kind rub on a grater and put on natoptyshi. Then the leg is wrapped with cellophane camouflage, and the toe is put on top.

Not bad copes with this kind of entityand propolis. Pre-grinding, it is applied to the inflamed place and left for 12 hours. After this time, the compress is removed, and the legs are well steamed, after which it is necessary to repeat the procedure. To obtain an effective result, such measures are recommended to be carried out throughout the week.

Successfully overcome the problem will help prunes. Dried fruits are separated from seeds and boiled in milk. Without letting them cool down, apply to the diseased areas and leave for about half an hour.

Also, in the treatment of corns, lemon, garlic and tomato puree are used.

Medicinal products - bread and vegetable oil

Help to get rid of puffy and compresses,the basis of which is vegetable oil. Do this as follows. Cotton socks are well soaked in any of its species, they are put on and left for a couple of hours. Over the compress the legs are wrapped in cellophane and put on extra socks.

It is easy enough and painless to remove fresh formulations, you can apply compresses from bread moistened with vinegar for a week.

Compresses from plants against corns

Having entered into the fight against the natrops, you must go to the end without stopping, but here, as is known, all means are good.

To overcome this ailment at home will helpcompresses from plants. Take a fresh harvest of celandine and grind it into a meat grinder. The resulting mass is applied to the keratinized areas, covered with a plastic bag and bandaged. The bandage is left for the night and cleaned only in the morning, by this time the pockets will become pale and soften. Treatment is continued until complete elimination of restless places.

Aloe vera compresses are no less effective. The leaves of the century are thoroughly washed and cut in half. After that, it is very tightly pressed to the burrs and fixed.

The leaves of the dandelion, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, alder in the shoes will prevent the occurrence of diaper rash, cracks and edema.

Removal of corns with the help of trays

It is impossible to imagine treatment without every possibletrays. Especially popular are those that are cooked on the basis of soap and soda. Take two liters of slightly warmed water and dissolve in it a tablespoon of soda, the same amount of soap and one teaspoon of ammonia. The duration of the procedures is a little more than an hour a day, they need to continue until the problem is completely eliminated.

A good result is observed after applicationbaths based on hot whey. Legs in it should be held for about half an hour, then grease with a touch of castor oil with glycerin. Inside take infusion of a mixture of herbs: St. John's wort, marigold flowers, decorative thuja.

You can use cold baths. Prepare them from 1 liter of water with dissolved in it one tablespoon of salt. Such water procedures not only cope with pain and burning, but also perfectly soften the keratinized formations.

Healing will be more rapid and effective if several recipes are used simultaneously. For example, before going to bed to make a bath, and at night use ointments or lotions.

From all of the above, it follows that there are a lot of ways to get rid of corns, and each of them should decide which of them.

I was tormented by puffins and calluses on my legs. Highly
many have to walk on his heels. Did always just a pedicure. Here I decided
try to make yourself curative
acid-fermentative pedicure.
Expectations were justified. He helped me a lot. With its help, the skin relief is leveled, healed
microcracks, the nasal plate is broken and damaged.
The drugs have a rejuvenating effect on the skin of the foot, promote
moisturizing, nourishing and improving feet. Did in the salon of Bagdasarini. To
interesting. It is in the center.

The main thing is to take care of your feet. I make baths with sea salt, but I did not try serum. Then I treat it with a special grater and apply a cream to my feet. If you do so regularly, then the heels will be smooth. This is in case there are no problems with shoes and flat feet.

These natoptys torture me a very long time ago. What did I not do and ointments were buying different and compresses made from onions. Shoes bought expensive and convenient all the same. Getting rid of them for good probably impossible, but you can control them. I make glasses with sea salt baths, and then I clean them with a saw. Well, or already in the most neglected places I cut with a special pedicure blade.

And I have the same problem. Overweight I do not suffer, but without high heels I do not manage. Maybe therefore every six months there is a natto-pest. And for some reason always on the same foot. With folk methods, I do not care. Therefore I take a drug in the pharmacy and put it on the wound.
And so I try constantly to smear legs with cream,Sometimes I do or make baths. If I were not so diligent to take care of my feet, then my life style would be permanent. As it is necessary not to walk all day, but practically to run on high heels.

Girls, I'm a master of manicure-pedicure. Nobody can say anything with a current from what the burrs are coming from. Everyone has his own reason, but we can only guess. As a master, I can advise one remedy, this is certainly not a panacea, but it helps many. You buy on the mail cream "Lubava" or "Zorka", the names are different, but the essence is one. Smear at night with a good layer, on top of packages or food film, on top of the socks and sleep. In the morning you wash away the leftovers, if any. And voila! Even cracks on the heels heal. But of course you do not have to do it once or twice, but at least a month. Try it! Good luck!

Treads like warts can be removed with the help of celandine juice. If there is not one, buy a "super clean" remedy in the pharmacy. Then follow the instructions on the packaging.

Myopia tortures for a very long time, last year to megave Japanese pedicure socks Baby Foot I tried them. She spread her legs, put on her socks for 1 hour, then washed it with soap. After 3 days, the peeling began, and after 5 days all the skin from the foot went down together with the natypes. To fix the result, I performed the procedure again 3 months later. And ... I now have tender and young legs (such as were 30 years ago at the time of my youth). I advise you to try.

I know not about hearses.

At me they arise on legs or foots periodically. What I just did not do, but the relief came at a time and the puffiness appeared again.

Saved me from this scourge of fresh celandine juice.

In the summer it's time to fight with the natypes. You tear off the thick stalk of the celandine, the yellow juice is highlighted, which you have to spread yourself on.

I did it every day, I lived at that time in the village and grew clean everywhere.

A week later, the tramps began to disappear and ceased to disturb me.