Anti-edema after tooth extraction

It's bad that having arrived with pain you will not be served, tk. doctors are in great demand. This is a positive indicator, the clinic is popular. The staff is very gracious, the atmosphere is pleasant in which you can relax very quickly and trust the doctor. You feel like a child to take care of. About treatment while I can not write, tk. until they got to the reception. If you are not a resident of Vladimir, then initially you will be ruined on long-distance calls, because to call to sign up is simply not possible. I ask you to pay attention to this attention.

I join the previous review. I also recently learned about Amirkhanov from a friend who, thanks to his skill, managed to keep the tooth. Honestly, embarrassed the age of the doctor. We often tend to think that experienced doctors are experienced at an age. And I first went to a very experienced surgeon and removed the tooth, and got a complication, repeated calls to the same surgeon did not contribute to improving my state of health, it became clear that "saving a drowning man is the work of the drowning man", so I had to look for another surgeon. Today I went to "Stomatology at Kirov" and received comprehensive consultation and dental care. Donat Insafovich impressed a qualified doctor, quickly penetrated into the essence of my problems. And the orthopedist was involved in the consultation. Such interaction between specialists makes an impression and I am sure that it brings results, I personally became very clear and clear, and I'm going to use the services of "Stomatology on Kirov" in the future.

Pleasantly amazed! Appealed to this clinic last week, for the first time. I found out on the recommendation of friends! At first I was surprised by a caring, sensitive and rainbow technique! Then followed no less joyful event-the inborn professionalism of the surgeon! I express huge gratitude to the competent dentist-Amirkhanov Donat. Thanks for the service.

A huge thanks to Novikov Ilya Sergeyevich for his excellent work: a very attentive and caring doctor. The clinic as a whole is very cozy, the staff is excellent. From now on I will only address you.

Very good dentistry! Pleasant staff, beautiful interior, good service. I express special gratitude to the wonderful doctor - Zakerova Kadria for professional treatment and golden hands.

I express my great gratitude to the wonderful doctor Sencilo Alina Igorevna for the excellent work! All very professionally and painlessly! A good clinic. Thank you very much.

I thank Amirkhanov Donat for the excellent work! Quickly, simply, without pain! The pains are gone, the whiteness has come) A good clinic.
Thank you again.

I express great gratitude to the wonderful doctor Ilya Novikov for the wonderful and professional treatment! Thank you for what you are!

"Stomatology on Kirov" left only the mostthe best impression. Cozy interior, modern equipment, friendly and friendly staff. Here everything is aimed at making the patient feel comfortable. But the main impression about the clinic depends on the professionalism of the attending physician. On this, special thanks to the dentist-surgeon Amirkhanov Donat Insafovich.
I turned to "Dentistry on Kirov" ina day off with acute pain after a traumatic and complicated tooth extraction in another dentistry. Donat Insafovich not only took without record, but also undertook to correct the consequences of someone else's negligence. Thank you for your professionalism, kind attitude and quality treatment, thanks to which we managed to quickly cope with inflammation and prevent more serious complications!
While there are such conscientious doctors, lovingtheir work and experiencing the health of patients, a visit to dentistry will never cause panic and a shiver in the knees. "Stomatology on Kirov" - you are the best!

High level of service. Modern technologies (in the opinion of the layman). All very much. Thank you.

Hello! Cool you have a website. I really liked it)))

Thank you very much for the service!The husband visited the clinic, barely persuaded him to go, he was afraid terribly! To begin with, the doctor had cleared him, but many more teeth needed to be treated. Of course, we must return! More such actions and such attentive doctors!

He was treated in a clinic on Kirov at a periodontist.My teeth were aching all the time, I was tormented. After the treatment at the wonderful doctors of this clinic, all the unpleasant symptoms passed through my teeth. I'm 64 and I still have all my teeth. There, doctors struggle to preserve each tooth. Thanks to the therapists of this clinic. And the prices there are no higher than other clinics

Coffee, tobacco. Yellow teeth. My wife sent me to bleach on Kirov. I write because I did not imagine how great it would turn out. Zubi remembered youth. Thanks to my wife and the clinic. I advise everyone.