Swelling without protein in urine and pressure

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Author: Ovechka Status: Coryphaeus Time: 00:16 Date: Sep 26, 2005

A similar situation, a small first, second onapproach, plus edema. First, do not panic! Secondly, I personally drink water (clean, bottled) as much as I want, because exactly the lack of fluid in the body provokes swelling. And several times a day for 15-30 minutes I stand in the pose of "cow" (knee-elbow), so less burden on the kidneys and better goes the outflow of fluids in the body.
Thirdly, I have a gynecologist, of course, but notas often as I would like it, but I go once a month and listen to her ideas about drinking a course of curantil, euphyllinum or lying in the hospital. I close the door - and forget how terrible a dream is for another month. For myself, it was decided in the first pregnancy that it was just edemas, without protein in the urine and high blood pressure (and I generally have a pressure of 110/60, and in the pregnant state and no, without the tendency to increase at any time) - the usual condition for beremnnoy. To drink kurantil at a normal blood flow and a status of a placenta (this all is supervised on US and doppler) - there is no sense, additional loading on an organism. And to appoint or nominate eufillinum, etc. potent drugs during pregnancy - in general a crime!
So do not be afraid, you are not the only one! Easy pregnancy and childbirth. -)

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Author: Магика Status: User Time: 14:38 Date: Sep 26, 2005

in order to certainly decide what exactly suits you and you need, of course you should consult a doctor
edema can be caused by different causes
my doctor kprimeru to determine the cause of my edema, said to start to do a small test at home
to measure the amount of consumed and consumed liquid
I measured these measurements, and on October 5 I will carry him
there will already be and can be seen that yes how
but for now prescribed neutral drugs
gulls to drink - kidney and bear ears
it's safer
so in any case, consult a doctor

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Author: In the course Status: anonymous user Time: 17:13 Date: Sep 26, 2005

Author, questions:
1) How drastically did edema occur?
2) Where edema is mainly the legs or the whole body (legs, hands, face.)? Can you wear the rings worn before pregnancy?
3) What is the pressure and whether there is a protein in the urine?

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