Severe edema after delivery what to do

About swelling after childbirth, most women do not knowhearsay, and the phenomenon is not just unpleasant: often postpartum swelling is a symptom of serious health problems. If they are observed only in the first week, and then start to gradually go away, you can not worry especially: the body can not get rid of the liquid accumulated during pregnancy "overnight" - true, sometimes this process is delayed up to 3-4 weeks. This is explained by the fact that the young mother has a lot of worries: sometimes she can rest only at night, and even then not completely, and physiological processes, including blood circulation and lymph flow, do not have time to come back to normal.

Causes of swelling after childbirth

If the swelling does not last longer, the causes maybe more serious. For example, disrupting the work of the kidneys or developing a chronic disease: during pregnancy, the kidneys experience high loads, and after birth their function may not recover - now it happens so often.

Another reason is progressive varicose veinsVein enlargement is also not uncommon: for many pregnant women, veins seriously suffer, and after childbirth because of this, persistent edema can be observed - it is better to treat the veins immediately.

In the cases described above, one should refer tospecialists - urologist, phlebologist, etc. When starting varicose veins, it is recommended to lie more often lying down, placing your feet higher; make special foot baths; observe a certain diet. including in food products that dilute blood.

By the way, the most frequent reasons for the appearanceswelling after childbirth is an improper diet and lifestyle. After giving birth, it seems to many that now you can eat what was forbidden during pregnancy, and especially for those who do not breast-feed their children. in such cases, women often begin to "break away", and allow themselves salty, smoked, fried foods and foods, and then drink plenty of liquid. And they drink not only tea or coffee, but also sweet soda: against the background of lack of vitamins and minerals - during the pregnancy the organism "spends" a lot of them - such food can cause negative changes in the blood composition. The blood condenses, and this leads to the same problems: kidney disease, varicose, etc.

If you want to bring the body in orderafter birth, completely restore all its functions and avoid edema, it is better to eat food in boiled, stewed, baked, with a minimum amount of salt, and drink tea from herbs, unsweetened compotes and pure still water, including mineral water. Homework should be planned so that the activity is not "continuous": during the day you need to rest several times - edema will not pass if the body is always in an upright position.

Sometimes swelling occurs against a background of high blood pressure: as a rule, in such cases, the head hurts, but also not always - you need to be more attentive to yourself.

How to relieve swelling after childbirth

If swelling is not caused by pathologicalYou can manage them yourself. Although the young mother is "on her feet" most of the day, you need to walk more in the open air to improve blood circulation: quiet walking on the ground is not the same as running around the apartment "back and forth."

Foot massage with ice also helps to remove edema. It is better to use decoctions of herbs: yarrow, chamomile, sage, etc.

Contrast shower - an excellent tool: it ends with cold water and rub your legs with a hard towel. You can apply the cream from edemas with extracts of horse chestnut, hazel, with menthol, shea butter (almond, jojoba), vitamins, minerals - now there is plenty to choose from.

Warm baths with decoctions of medicinal herbs or sea salt also remove edema: you can take lemon balm, oregano, nettle, mugs, birch leaves, etc.

Shoes should be comfortable and soft; You can not sit cross-legged - this worsens the blood flow.

Simple regular exercises also helprestore normal circulation of blood and lymph - swellings quickly subside. In the morning, after waking up, for 1-2 minutes, do a bicycle exercise in the bed, lifting your legs as high as possible. The longer it turns out to perform it, the sooner the blood circulation improves, but muscles should not be strained.

Immediately after this, while keeping your feet raised, turn the feet to the left and right, as if you are drawing a circle with your thumb.

During the day, periodically perform "standing"Exercises for the feet: rolling from the toe to the heel; easy jumps - stand a few seconds on tiptoe, and then gently jump 5-10 times. An easy and fun exercise: sitting on a chair (armchair, sofa), try to take a small ball or pencil lying on the floor with your bare feet.

Inside, you can take decoctions of herbs, known for their diuretic action: field horsetail, white birch leaves, dill, parsley, bearberry, etc.

Medicines for leg swelling

On the intake of diuretics for edemas issay separately. It is clear that a woman with a small child, burdened with a bunch of domestic worries, is not so easy to find time for cooking herbal infusions and broths. It's much easier to go to the pharmacy and buy pills with a diuretic effect: taking them easy - just to drink water, and they act quickly - after 10-15 minutes you can already run to the toilet.

However, joking with diuretics is notfollows: they should appoint a doctor, selecting a medicine for each specific case. After all, drugs act differently: thus, some diuretics save potassium in the body, while others - actively withdraw. The latter include the well-known and fast acting Furosemide, which has a number of side effects - in particular, it negatively affects the work of the heart, but is popular: many patients "appoint" it themselves, not thinking about the consequences.

There are softer preparations - for example, Trifas,almost not flushing out the body of potassium and calcium, and acting several times more efficiently than Furosemide. Moreover, after the cancellation of the latter, the so-called "ricochet effect" often manifests itself: the absorption of water increases, and it again accumulates outside the cells and inside them. Trifas is devoid of these shortcomings, but it is much more expensive than similar drugs traditionally used in Russian medicine.

Practically safe - contraindicated whenindividual intolerance of components - is considered to be Kanefron, a herbal preparation that includes rosemary, centipedes, hips and lovage. It acts so gently that it is prescribed even to pregnant women and infants, and not only relieves swelling, but also has anti-inflammatory effect, and also significantly improves well-being in general. The price of this drug is quite democratic.

Nevertheless, even the possibility of admissionsafe means you need to consult your doctor, and even more "aggressive" diuretics are uncontrollably categorically forbidden. After all, the body of a woman who has not had time to recover after childbirth, even a minimal dose of a chemical medication can cause serious harm and cause the development of any chronic disease.

Author: Gataulina Galina
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