How to treat swelling and bruising »Get rid of bruises

With whom does not happen, you are late, fussing, in a hurryaccidentally get a blow in the face of the door from the closet. Immediately at the site of the impact there is redness and swelling, in the finale a bruise, followed by jokes of friends, inevitable sympathetic ahi, and mournful contemplation of the injured person in the mirror. How quickly remove the bruise, if not previously bought in the pharmacy ointment from bruises and bruises. Nothing difficult, quickly get rid of bruises folk recipes will help, of course, everything is always relative, remove the bruise for a day or an hour is impossible, but the process is accelerating.

Immediately after receiving a blow, lubricate with anyvegetable oil bruised place. Ointment bruises and bruises can be bought at the pharmacy, but in advance, usually few people think about the treatment of bruises. In vain. In time, the superimposed ointment helps to quickly remove the bruise. In the first place, a bruise should be tightened with an elastic bandage, especially the bruise of the foot, putting pressure on the bursting vessels. Under the skin will get less blood, which will greatly reduce the size of the bruise.

The bruise should mature by changing the color from red topurple and blue to yellow, this is due to the breakdown of hemoglobin in the place of injury. If, after getting the injury, the crimson bruise does not change color a few days, this is a bad sign, an infection is possible, visit a doctor!

If to proceed immediately to treatment by a cold, theneven after a severe bruise there will be no hematoma. Attach 15 minutes to the bruised place wrapped in cloth ice, if there is no ice in the house, a packet of frozen fish or vegetables will come off. Earlier with bruises struggled to apply to bruises cold meat, many extremals consider the treatment of bruises this means the most true today. If there is no refrigerator nearby, keep a bruise 15 minutes under a stream of cold water. If the bruise on the foot of the injury site should be raised, thereby reducing the flow of blood, lie down on the bed, lay a blanket or a pillow under your foot from the blanket.

All day long with an interval of up to 2 hours applyice to bruise. The treatment of bruises with cold causes the blood vessels to contract, the blood flow is reduced, the pain, the size of the bruise decreases, since less blood enters the subcutaneous layer. Do not freeze your hands and feet, take a 10-minute break after 15 minutes. cooling, give your skin a rest, especially when pain comes from the cold.

The lower the bruise on the body, the slowerinjured by a stroke blood vessels heal. Bruising on the legs requires more intensive treatment than a bruise on the face. The vessels of the legs bleed more actively, receiving more blood pressure. From under the skin, blood and lymph wash out for a long time, threatens with various undesirable side effects, a swelling tumor hurts and prevents walking. Lucky people who get a black eye under a couple of weeks will have time to forget about it, and bruises on their feet will have to be treated for several weeks, or even a month.

It was not possible to get rid of the bruise

Suppose quickly remove the bruise did not work. On the second day, the swelling around the bruise should pass, otherwise wait another 1-2 days. When the tumor subsides, the bruising treatment moves on to the next step. We need heat, which will expand the blood vessels, will make it possible to carry blood and lymph out of the skin.

Arming with a warm water bottle, as an option you canUse the salt in the frying pan or sand poured into a tissue bag, an ordinary sock will come off. Warm the bruise for 20 minutes three times a day, until the bruise disappears completely.

Quickly get rid of the bruise Iodine will help. In the evening 5% iodine tincture make a grid on the bruise. Iodine warming up the bruise will improve blood circulation, and until the morning completely disappears from the skin.

After the swelling around the bruise has gone, treatment of bruises is continued with the help of compresses and lotions. Remember, the skin needs interruptions between the procedures.

Treatment of bruises with acetic and salt lotions.

Dissolve the salt in a glass of 9% vinegar. Wet the tampon in this solution, apply to the bruise 3 times a day for 30 minutes. You can mix vodka and vinegar in half, add a ton of salt. Wet a tampon to the bruises three times a day for an hour, updating it when it dries.

Badyaga from bruises will help a lot. The use of medicinal herbs will significantly speed up the treatment of bruises and bruises. In the publication about badyage there are prescriptions for the treatment of bruises with medicinal plants, it will perfectly treat damaged skin, will rejuvenate and restore elasticity possessing the regenerating effect of lovage.