Swelling the day before delivery

Itself was before pregnancy 48-51kg .. now 70.and povpolla along with the onset of edema. Naturally, the whole of this topic is healthy, just the fetus presses on the vessels and therefore the legs and swell. They swell as if elephantiasis is sick. If there is no swelling all the time, and so horror. QUESTION ---- who had swelling during pregnancy, how quickly did they go after giving birth?
Princess Horse © (24.04.2008 Thu 17:35)

After childbirth immediately after a day will fall, but now observe! it's not just that - the pressure on the blood vessels, swelling can badly affect the bearing - therefore, without doubt in the maternity ward under observation
BeSS © (25.04.2008 Fri 04:13)

I had swelling. but not strong - passed on the third day in full. the roommate had strong swelling in the ward - they also went through fast. in the taxiway, take the bandage with you (the legs are bandaged after delivery) - there the nurses help) - everything will come back to normal faster. Good luck)
kcleo © (24.04.2008 Thu 19:08)

bandage. I have special campings .. or is it different?
Princess Horse © (24.04.2008 Thu 19:33)

it's different for how much I understand. need elastic bandage. although I have not seen your pantyhose)))
kcleo © (25.04.2008 Fri 00:12)

At me that there were edemas, that was not - right after delivery have passed or have taken place. and right now, too, that is, then no
Caprice © (24.04.2008 Thu 17:50)

but now why were they not interested?
Princess Horse © (24.04.2008 Thu 17:53)

said to limit the amount of salt, but I eat it so little. I do not know why - many have them.
Caprice © (24.04.2008 Thu 19:37)

on the 7th day, the legs came to their senses, but not all have gone yet. too, legs like elephant hooves were
Slonyaka © (24.04.2008 Thu 17:50)

Princess Horse © (24.04.2008 Thu 17:55)