When the edema subsides after the operation

The first mention of the method "Breast without a seam" in the press was in March 2012, in the magazine "The Image of Life."

The main secret of the technique of seamless increasechest "Breast without a seam" is the use of fibrin glue before installing the implant, which eliminates the displacement and its rotation. The final stage of the operation is the gluing of the suture, which preserves the sensitivity of the nipple-areolar complex, and the cutaneous incision becomes less noticeable.


The formation in the periodrehabilitation after abdominoplasty edema and hematoma. The time during which the puffiness descends to "no", and the bruises disappear, each patient is individually individual. This is explained not only by the volume of the operation performed, but also by the resistance of the human body.

The first 2 days after abdominoplasty the patient cancomplain of pain, physical weakness and aches in the whole body. In addition, great discomfort can deliver puffiness, which by 3-4 days reaches its peak. Then every day it becomes less and less. Again, this is during the normal course of the rehabilitation process. Some complications, which the patient may theoretically encounter, provoke swelling. In such cases, the specialist adjusts the rehabilitation program and appoints additional procedures.

In most cases, swelling afterAbdominoplasty subsides in 3-4 weeks, but this is a very conditional term. Some patients have a longer period of puffiness, which can last for 2-3 months. It should be noted that at such times, swelling is not as pronounced as in the early postoperative stages, nevertheless, they require close attention of a specialist.