Swelling pain in the muscles of the joints

Courier delivery in Russia

We offer courier delivery throughoutthe territory of the Russian Federation and many (more than 2000) points of issuing orders (PVZ) located throughout the country. You can choose the delivery method that suits you, and in case of urgent order, we will send it to you at your address, and the courier will arrive as soon as possible.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you ordered the delivery of goods with deliveryprepayment, but through our fault they did not receive their goods, we guarantee you a full return of your funds. We always refund if you do not receive the goods through our fault.

Quality guarantee for all products

We also give you a 100% quality guarantee for allgoods purchased from us. We cooperate only with those companies and brands that have existed on the market for a long time and have already proved themselves well. All our partners are recognized on the territory of the Russian Federation. If you find a production marriage within 7 days of the purchased goods, then we will realize their exchange.

Each product that is sold in our store,has certificates of compliance with state and international standards. If necessary, we will provide you with any documents of interest to you. This is especially true for medical companies that provide services to clients. Your customers will be assured of the quality of the drugs and equipment you use.

All necessary documents for compensation

If you are a preferential category, we will provide you with the necessary documents so that you can receive compensation from the state for the goods you purchased.