Edema with ovulation of the kidney

Short description "Nephroptosis (omission of the kidney)"

Nephroptosis is a pathological condition, withthe kidney has a greater than normal mobility, and the kidney can then move from the lumbar region to the abdominal cavity or pelvis. Omission of the kidney in women is more common than in men.

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11/17/2015 19:34: Andrology and urology / Urology
Irina | | Female 34 years old. | | Russia Abakan

Good afternoon! I have a right-sided nephroptosis of 2 tbsp. Could you tell me if he can cause fever? 11/18/15 07:40: Eduard Ivanovich Sofronov »» »

If nephroptosis is accompanied by pyelonephritis, it can. Start with a general urine test.

11/18/15 21:05: Athiyazov Rasul Akhmedzhanovich »» »

Special restrictions are not present, sports certainly to be engaged it is impossible and to lift weights

12.12.2009 21:01: Andrology and Urology / Other
Olga | | Female 24 years old. | | Belarus, Minsk

Olga, 24 years old. A couple of days ago I was diagnosed with a nephroptosis of the 2nd degree. At me a question: whether there will be problems in the further with pregnancy and sorts or labors and if yes, what and what it is necessary to undertake? 12.12.09 21:44: Kabanov Vladimir Anatolievich »» »

Dear Olga, it is necessary to establish how muchNephroptosis in you affects the blood supply to the kidneys, to the passage of urine. Do you have hypertension, signs of pyelonephritis. Nephroptosis during pregnancy plays a role during gestosis, the course of pregnancy can be complicated by nephroptosis with hypertension, pyelonephritis. It is necessary to undergo a complete examination and decide with the urologist the timing and risk of pregnancy planning, the possibility of surgical correction of nephroptosis. Good luck!

13.12.09 11:52: Shadorkina Victoria Anatolyevna »» »

Dear Olga! On the basis of what research is nephroptosis established? What is the function of the kidneys? Is there a pyelonephritis? What research have you done about this? Specify.

20.04.2011 10:14: Andrology and urology / Urology
Alexander | | Husband. 23 years old. | | Russia, Perm

Did an ultrasound of the kidneys:
The right kidney is located below the usual (in the vertical position 8.5 cm below the diaphragm level (norm up to 4 cm).
the rest is normal.
mobility of the kidney was before, but apparently not as much as now.

What are the contraindications in connection with the diagnosis (physical exercises, yoga, holotropic breathing, etc.)?

Thank you! 04/20/11 5:14 PM: Eduard Ivanovich Sofronov »» »

Uzi does not give all the information. Do an x-ray examination of the urinary system with a contrasting material, standing and lying-excretory urography.

04/20/11 6:00 PM: Makhmudov Yakov Yakovlevich »» »

You have not provided information on other characteristics of the kidney - its morphology, the state of the CLS standing and lying, the state of hemodynamics lying and standing.

03/09/2016 16:08: Andrology and urology / Urology
Natalia | | Husband. 25 years. | | Russia Rostov

Hello, help to understand, disturbpain in the right side to the right in the lower abdomen, and from the back, it happens under the rib at the top. pain is like colitis, and it can be baking, uzi small pelvis norm, uzi kidney ptosis at 8 cm, as the doctor said the panties were carried out in / in urography, standing and lying down. ptosis 2-2,5 vertebra, whether constant pains can be from ptosis? Or is it necessary to search for the cause in the intestine? Uzi b / n norm, the irrigography of the large intestine ptosis of the transversely-degenerated deglacosigma. Please tell me in advance many thanks! 09/03/16 20:30: Konstantin Valerievich Golovchenko »» »

With nephroptosis, the pain is positional, that is, it arises in a standing position, and especially when moving, and when lying down, it leaves. Thus, there is no permanent pain in ptosis.

Try still to undergo an examination with a neurologist.

10.03.16 09:32: Eduard Ivanovich Sofronov »» »

Yes, this may well be associated with nephroptosis.

14.03.16 21:17: Marat Shaipov »» »

Go from the reverse go to the gastroenterologist let him exclude his pathology and say unequivocally that the pain is not his and to the neurologist with the same issue. If everyone excludes - it means a kidney !!

23.09.2009 13:35: Andrology and Urology / Urology
Elena | | Female 29 years. | | Russia, Vladivostok

Good afternoon!
Briefly about the problem: in 27 years I was diagnosed with nephroptosis on the right + sand (in the same kidney). Pain in the lower back did not bother me, but there were "pulling, dull" rare pain in the groin area on the right.
Since 2006, I have been engaged in self-defense - sambo + hand-to-hand fighting (kicking, hands, various throws and falls).
In 2009, pain in the groin area began to increase,in consequence of which I turned to the urologist. Having made a new ultrasound and visiting a doctor, I realized that the diagnosis was confirmed again. In 2007, I did not treat the disease, because none of the doctors told me about the seriousness of this diagnosis. Now I'm finishing drinking kanefron (appointed for 1 month). Pain in the groin area is gone.
In addition, I visited a physician at the Physical Exerciseraising the kidney with the help of exercises. LFK doctor gave a list of exercises and said that the improvements will begin to manifest only after 6 months of persistent and daily training.
So, all my treatment is taking kanefron and daily exercise. Blood and urine tests are normal (no salt detected in urine).
Questions: 1. After the end of reception kanefrona. for the removal of sand, I plan to brew a collection of the following herbs: birch warty, horsetail field, bearberry ordinary, field harness, St. John's wort, three-colored violet.
2. To raise the kidney I want to use the collection: the hawk is hairy + the cuff is ordinary.
3. At the moment I want to continue to engage in self-defense, but exclude throws, falls, running, sudden movements, jumps.
I would like to know your opinion on this matter. Perhaps you have some more recommendations.
Thank you very much in advance! 09/23/09 13:52: Shadorkina Victoria Anatolyevna »» »

Dear Elena! I would recommend not to engage in self-medication, but to consult a competent urologist for additional examination. On the basis of which survey methods is the diagnosis established? Specify.

09/23/09 17:35: Vanyan Egor Vanikovich »» »

You should first of all go to the urologist, the necessary methods of diagnosis, treatment and recommendations by a doctor are decided on internally.

14.02.2012 18:41: Andrology and Urology / Urology
Diana | | Female 24 years old. | | Russian Federation Ulyanovsk

Good afternoon.On uzi the diagnosis of a nephroptosis of a right kidney of 1 degree, and sand has been diagnosed. Perhaps it happened after sorts, since. dr this uzi of kidneys did not do or made never. On the last terms of pregnancy there was a gestational pyelonephritis in the right kidney. I plan the second pregnancy, urologists disagree that it is impossible to become pregnant, the kidney will press the fetus. How can nephroptosis be treated at this stage and can I become pregnant? with sand, will he come out himself? thanks in advance 14.02.12 20:25: Eduard Ivanovich Sofronov »» »

Diana, on uzi the diagnosis of a nephroptosis is put only as the assumption. You need to spend excretory urography in a standing and lying position. This is an x-ray study with a contrast substance.

14.02.12 20:28: Rostovtseva Ekaterina Sergeevna »» »

On US such diagnosis it is impossible to put. You need to perform excretory urography with a mandatory snapshot in the standing position.

14.02.12 21:11: Konstantin Valerievich Golovchenko »» »

Nephroptosis, even if it is confirmed, is not a contraindication to pregnancy. Conversely, during pregnancy due to the fetal kidney will fix in the normal position.

To confirm the diagnosis of nephroptosis, excretory urography should be performed in the supine and standing position. Treatment in the absence of violations of urodynamics and hemodynamics, as a rule, is not shown.

In occasion of "sand", revealed at ultrasonic, also confirmation is necessary. Native computer tomography should be performed.

02/15/12 12:01 AM: Ekaterina Vladimirovna »» »

Nephroptosis, or "sand", the more they are not exposed by the results of ultrasound. The doctor raised you, did you have an ultrasound?

22.02.12 19:05: Elena Vladimirovna »» »

Doobsleduyte. This diagnosis is not based on ultrasound alone.

02.02.2016 17:51: Andrology and urology / Urology
Catherine | | Female 27 years. | | Kazakhstan Karaganda

Hello. I am 26 years old. Height 164 weight 50 kg. In 2011 she made uzi of the kidneys. There was an omission of the right kidney and sand. Did not treat. Two days ago I made uzi of the kidneys, my back hurt me. The omission of the kidney is the same, and the right pelvis is still widened to 1.9 cm. The question is whether to worry about this, how to treat it. What are the recommendations? Thank you in advance. 05.02.16 08:16: Eduard Ivanovich Sofronov »» »

Now you need to perform a computerized excretory tomography of the kidneys, since such a diagnosis by ultrasound gives very little information.

14.03.16 22:56: Konstantin Valerievich Golovchenko »» »

To confirm the diagnosis, excretory urography is performed in the supine and standing position.