Edema with a protein diet

Protein diet - one of the most effective diets thathelps to lose weight, especially in combination with physical exercises. As you can see from the name of the meaning of the protein diet - you can consume almost unlimited quantities of protein products. If you forget the proteins - it is primarily meat, fish, eggs, cottage cheese. But carbohydrate-containing foods and fats are excluded. Once again, no fats and carbohydrates.
For many reviews, for two weeks this protein diet you can lose weight by 7-10 kilograms. The main advantage of low-carb and protein diets is that the result becomes, noticeable quickly enough, and excess weight will not return soon.

Diet resolves and prohibits

What else can you eat on a diet? Mainly salads and fresh vegetables. Tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage - eat them as much as you like, especially tomatoes that contain lycopene, which increases the effect of a protein diet. Meat, including fillet - veal, chicken. Also useful are fish (white fish, tuna), egg whites. skim milk or fat-free yogurt.

With a protein diet, you need to exclude from the diet sweet, flour, potatoes, cereals, pasta and butter.
Sweets are absolutely forbidden, even fruits should be reduced to a minimum, although if there was a need to eat something sweet, then it's better something from fruits.
All that is based on the test - bread, pasta, pizza, etc., are naturally banned completely. When preparing food, try not to fry anything.

How the protein diet works

The mechanism of losing weight is simple: to break down and use the calories derived from protein, the body has to spend more energy than for protein utilization. In this case, water is excreted from the body, edemas disappear, volumes decrease. Additional advantages: thanks to the long feeling of saturation, which gives protein food, there is no need for snacks. So, the time that has been freed from meals (and this is a lot!) Can be spent with benefit, for example, devote it to additional physical loads. Therefore, according to reviews, a protein diet is chosen by young people who lead an active lifestyle.

Even if after a protein diet, immediately go back to the normal diet, the extra pounds will not bother you for quite some time.

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  • Breakfast is tight. The best porridge, boiled on water, and a glass of milk.
  • Constant physical activity, after which you need to eat low-fat yogurt (no dyes and sugar!).
  • Snacks throughout the day: seeds, nuts (just a little bit-they are high-calorie!).
  • Instead of the usual types of cheese - mozzarella.
  • Proteins: fish, poultry, eggs, legumes.

    From red meat it is necessary to refuse: and it is difficult to digest, and according to the latest data, the aging process also accelerates.

    Mode with a protein diet.

  • Do not eat at night (last meal not later than 20:00);
  • Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of boiled or mineral still water;
  • strictly observe the sequence of products.

    Variants of the protein diet.
    Express diet.
    Protein diet for 3 days (for those who urgently need to lose 1.5-3 kg):
    • 8.00 - one egg in a bag
    • 13: 00-125 cottage cheese (0-5% fat content)
    • 16: 00-120 g boiled meat without salt (poultry, fish, beef / veal - at your choice)
    • 17:00 -125 g cottage cheese (0-5% fat content)
    • 20:00 - one egg in the bag

    Diet to lose weight by 10kg for 14 days:

    Breakfast: black coffee without sugar.
    Lunch: medium tomato, green salad and 2 eggs, hard boiled.
    Dinner: beef fried in vegetable oil (1 tablespoon), or better boiled meat or chicken fillets plus spinach (one cup).

    Breakfast: coffee, you can with one cracker.
    Lunch: fried beef (lean, of course), green salad and tomato.
    Supper: vegetable soup, you can add lean meat to the soup (do not put the potatoes.).

    Breakfast: a cup of coffee with a white cracker.
    Lunch: fried beef and salad.
    Dinner: 2 eggs, hard boiled and 2 slices of lean ham, green salad.

    Breakfast: a cup of coffee with rusk.
    Lunch: one egg, carrots, cheese (preferably lowered fat content).
    Dinner: fruit salad, kefir - 200 grams.

    Breakfast: a mixture of grated beets and carrots.
    Lunch: fish (preferably red), tomato.
    Dinner: low-fat beef, green salad.

    Breakfast: black coffee with rusk.
    Lunch: chicken cooked (one serving, of course), green salad.
    Dinner: lean beef, green salad.

    Breakfast: tea without sugar with lemon.
    Lunch: low-fat pork or other meat cooked on a spit, green salad.
    Dinner: a good day to eat everything you want, but in small quantities.

    Next week - repeats the diet of the first six days in any order.

    Reviews and contraindications to the protein diet.

    Contraindications of the protein diet we have prepared, according to our readers and in accordance with the recommendations of nutritionists.
    Applying a diet is recommended not more often than once every six months.
    Remember, protein is good, but for normalThe body needs both carbohydrates and fats. Without them, the level of sugar in the blood drops, and this primarily affects the tissues of the brain. So if you have time for active mental activity, acquire harmony with intense physical exertion, and then sit on the diet afterwards. Still, because of a lack of glucose, mood can deteriorate and a headache may appear. In this case, return to normal power. And, of course, before you limit yourself in anything, consult a doctor.

    Do not recommend using a protein diet, if you:

  • Impaired renal function; impaired digestion (chronic pancreatitis, colitis, dysbacteriosis, irritable bowel syndrome);
  • gout;
  • age and obesity: the protein increases blood coagulability, which increases the risk of blood clots in the elderly and obese people.