Cold and warm swelling

Of course, normal for the body will nottoo hot or not too cold food, due to the fact that our mucous and all organs are not adapted to very hot food, and also to very cold food. This is due to the fact that the epithelial tissue of the organs begins to be affected, which can lead to irreversible processes, even to cancer, that's the danger of cold and hot food.

It should be noted that cold food can betwo varieties, it's fresh cold food that has not been cooked and the food is boiled, and then chilled. Fresh cold food means meat of fish, fruits and vegetables, and this is due to the fact that during the development of society people ate raw meat and drank warm blood of animals, because they at that time ate only raw food and when they invented fire, then the situation has changed. The fact is that people, eating food that was not processed by fire, often ached and died from poisoning with spoiled food, and already at that time there were wise men who understood that the heat treatment of food kills pathogenic microorganisms and prevents disease of people. In addition, raw food was indigestible, which certainly led to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and general diseases of people and short life expectancy. As we have already mentioned, too hot food harms the whole organism, but the use of moderately cold food, but before it is thermally processed, does not cause harm, but the stomach and the spleen love warm food. All scientists say that hot food burns the esophagus and in this case there are severe lesions of the esophagus wall and the depth of the envy of the hot food, and with burns of the esophageal mucosa, necrosis of the mucous membrane and other layers of the esophagus membrane occurs. Such phenomena lead to the development of the edema of the esophagus tissues, and thus the swallowing is disturbed, but in the future the edema decreases significantly, but the necrotic tissue begins to be rejected, which leads to the formation of ulcers, after their healing, the esophagus forms stenosis or narrowing of the esophagus, in the reception of hot food.

The danger of taking hot food isthat burns of the mouth and pharynx, as well as of the mucous membrane of the lips and mouth begins, therefore, after such burns, it is impossible to take food, as ulcers develop on the damaged surface, salivation and vomiting appear. All these symptoms subside after two or three days, the general well-being improves, the pain gradually subsides, and a person can eat liquid food in small amounts, but a scar can form in the throat and lips that will lead to a decrease in the lumen of the esophagus, and this can cause dysphagia or obstruction of the esophagus. Burns with hot food can differ in different degrees of damage, it can be a superficial lesion of the layers of the epithelium, but with exposure of the hyperemic mucosa, at which intoxication with the detachment of necrotic and decaying tissues can begin and ulcers are formed, they are granulated and scars are formed.

The danger of receiving hot food is that they cancomplications such as malnutrition, which is associated with malnutrition due to mucosal lesions, sepsis, pneumonia, tracheobronchitis, laryngitis and periesophagitis may also develop, and death may occur. If a person has a fourth-degree burn of the tracheobronchial tree and esophagus, general intoxication develops and such a person may die in the first week after a hot food burn. It is especially dangerous to give hot food to children and this is due to the fact that they cause severe consequences, even minor burns of mucous esophagus, pharynx, larynx or mouth, and also horse tongue. This leads to a breakdown in breathing and stenosis of the larynx, and all this is due to the laryngeal edema, which makes it difficult to expectorate and all swallowing functions are violated, in which case the risk of receiving hot food can result in death.

The danger of cold food is also obvious, and thisis associated with the fact, especially in children, that they develop angina of varying severity, it can be purulent and this causes intoxication of the body, the temperature rises, lymph nodes can grow, and the child can not even open her mouth. At the same time, abscesses of the okoloblocular space can develop, which causes bleeding from large vessels, sepsis, nephritis and laryngeal edema can develop, that is the danger of taking cold food. Certainly, angina is a common infectious disease of the body and the causative agent is bacteria and more often it will be streptococci, but, nevertheless, the weakening of the protective functions of the tonsils is cold food, which will cause their inflammation.

Scientists have found that cold food is prettyquickly leaves the stomach and does not even have time to properly mix with the gastric juice, so in the intestine it is difficult to treat with enzymes, bile and other products that promote digestion. As a result, putrefactive processes begin that lead to increased gas production, and then to intestinal dysbiosis, as well as peptic ulcer and enterocolitis. People who drink very cold water, constantly feel hungry, which leads them to obesity, so in those institutions where fast food is sold, always on the table is ice water, not tea or another hot drink. Therefore, people, having drunk ice water, begin to intensively satisfy the hunger with fast food, which leads to disruption of the whole gastrointestinal tract, as well as a set of excess weight. Thus, it can be concluded that the danger of taking hot and cold food is obvious, such food is harmful to health and should be taken only at normal temperature.