Swelling after alcohol causes

Consider the main causes of puffiness under the eyes and ways to eliminate it.

In the morning, "bags" are formed for the following reasons:passion for alcohol on the previous day, the use of expired cosmetics, stress and nervous tension, as well as lack of sleep, consumption of large amounts of salt, vasodilation during smoking and obesity.

These conditions are the most common causes of bags under the eyes, but there are serious diseases in which intraocular puffiness is a sign of kidney and heart failure.

For young people bluish "bags" becomeA familiar sight in the mornings after a tumultuous party. They are formed after taking drugs and alcohol due to edema of the periorbital fiber of the eye against the background of constriction of blood vessels.

The use of excess amounts of salt leads toaccumulation in the body of water. It is deposited in adipose tissue, and, as is known, periorbital fiber is for the most part represented by a fat structure.

Hormonal imbalance in women, which is often associated with menstruation, is often combined with the appearance of bluish spots under the eyes.

Ultraviolet rays contribute to the appearance of edema under the eyes of fans of resorts and sanatoriums.

One of the most frequent causes of pathology isnormal fatigue, which is associated with eye strain. When watching TV for a long time, as well as sitting at the computer, cyanotic circles around the eyes are provided to you.

If pathology has appeared in early childhood andremains throughout life, most likely, it has hereditary conditioning. Look at the parents, one of them will also have blue blood around the eyes or swelling in their lower part.

There are other causes of "bags", but they rarely lead to symptoms of the disease, so we will not dwell on them, but will deal with the treatment of pathology.

How to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes

Quickly get rid of bags under the eyes before work or an important meeting can be with the help of cosmetics.

From the arsenal of cosmetic salon, intended for the treatment of ailment can be noted:

  • Exposure to microcurrents,
  • Drainage of the lymphatic fluid,
  • Infrared irradiation of the periorbital region,
  • Peeling around the eyes.

Microcurrents improve blood supply, so exposure to the periorbital area will lead to the elimination of swelling.

Drainage procedures can increase the outflow of lymph fluid from the stagnation zone, which leads to rapid elimination of edema.

Infrared irradiation of the zone around the eye's orbit is characterized by anti-inflammatory changes in the area of ​​exposure.

Folk remedies against eye puffiness

Of the folk remedies for the treatment of puffiness under the eyes, you can apply lotions and masks, which are first applied to clean skin, and then washed off with warm water.

Classical tools for edema under the eyes:

Compresses based on herbs (lindencolor, arnica, chamomile, mint leaves). Any of the above herbs has an anti-inflammatory effect. If they make a warm compress and apply to the skin, swelling under the eyes will be lost.

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  • If you drink tea from sachets. Do not throw away the used bags, pour them with boiling water and put them in the freezer. Apply them to the eyes with swelling, as well as with redness.
  • Bags around the eyes can be treated with birchlotions. For their preparation it is necessary to collect birch leaves and pour them with boiling water. For treatment, you should wet a tampon in the solution and soak the skin over the place of formation of the bag.
  • Good for swelling and potato mask. For its production, grate the potatoes on a grater, make a mashed potato. Make a gauze compress and apply it to the swollen area.
  • If cucumbers are grated and applied to the eyes, an effective ointment will be obtained from the bags.
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    Note that the above-described methods of treatment can beapply when the pathology is caused by swelling of orbital tissue. Do not forget that puffiness therapy will not have an effect if it does not affect the causes that led to the onset of the pathology.

    Refuse from smoking, drinking alcohol, reduce the use of salt. If bags under the eyes appear after exposure to the sun, limit the time of sunburn.

    If the eyes often swell, it is good to havea drug denture for the eyes. In summer, while walking through the forest, collect a bouquet of cornflowers, which are dried in the sun. When there is swelling under the eyes, take a tablespoon of chopped dried parts of the plant and pour them with boiling water for 20 minutes. In the resulting drug solution, moisten the cotton swab and apply it to the place of edema.

    For the treatment of bags under the eyes, gel mask for the eyes, which are sold in the pharmacy, are helpful. Before use, the product is cooled in the refrigerator, and then applied to the area of ​​inflammation.

    Do not forget that the frequent cause of swelling undereyes is substandard cosmetics. If you notice the relationship between the appearance of edema after the application of a particular cosmetic product, it is better to permanently abandon its use in the future.

    On the Internet you can find another very interestingremedy for bags under the eyes - antihemorrhoidal ointments. They eliminate the prolapse of hemorrhoids and prevent the expansion of veins. This effect can be used to treat eye swelling, but doctors do not recommend this.

    Do not treat bags under the eyes also with diuretics unless they are prescribed by a doctor. Many diuretics "wash away" from the body useful micronutrients and vitamins.

    Thus, bags under the eyes arise for a variety of reasons. In their treatment, it is necessary to focus on the provoking factor and the features of the pathology, but only after a good sleep.

    This time it will be a rather unpleasant phenomenon for every woman, although for a man too, which is called a couperose and for some reason is considered.

    Undoubtedly, the wide use of botox (or as it is otherwise called disport) in cosmetology has become possible due to impressive results.

    Atherogenicity is a concept that reflects the relationship between bad and good fats. To identify this indicator, a special coefficient is introduced.

    How to reduce eye pressure, about 20% of our population asks doctors daily. This question is relevant for the elderly.

    If the kidneys hurt in the morning, in the evenings, at night and during movement, obviously, the presence of a serious disease. Our practitioners are special for.