Edema with burns with boiling water

Most burns occur in everyday life. Boiling water, a pot of broth or hot water, etc. Despite all the familiar precautions with hot liquids, you need to know what to do if it does happen. First of all, let's look at the degrees that modern medicine gives. In the future, the recognition of burns, will give you a guide to their correct treatment. Burning boiling water, depending on the severity, there are 4 categories:

1-degree. On the burned place there is reddening and swelling (slight swelling). Also very small bubbles may appear.

2-degree. The appearance of large, perhaps, bursting bubbles. A thin layer of the scab is formed.

3-degree. Severe damage, a bodily cover, reaching up to the muscles.

4-degree. The burn reaches the bones, the bones are charred.

Often, household burns with hot water do not reach further second degree. Very rarely there is a third. The provision of first aid on time will minimize its consequences.

First aid for burning with boiling water

So, it is necessary to render it in the following order:
1. Remove clothing that has been exposed to boiling liquid.

2. Affected area of ​​the body dip into cool water or substitute under a stream of cool water for 10-20 minutes. Just remember that the water should be ONLY COOL. Ice water is fraught with shock and complications, due to a sharp change in temperature.

ATTENTION! It is possible to cool the affected area with boiling water only if the burn does not cause serious damage to the skin. That is, only in the 1st stage.

3. The area of ​​the body that suffered, you need to hold higher to reduce swelling. For example, if the leg has suffered - lie down and place a folded blanket under your foot. It is better to tie a hand for a while.

4. After these first measures, treat the affected area with any anti-burn agent. It is better to always have this in the home medicine chest, as they say, so it's not needed. The most famous remedy is Panthenol.

5. Bandage the wound with a sterile bandage. If this is not - then iron with a hot iron regular bandage or fabric, allow to cool, and put on the wound.

If there is no anti-burn agent - then immediately go to the dressing.

+ Never use first aid for a burn, any oils, sour cream or kefir. Never rip off bubbles. You risk worsening the condition, and if you blow up the bladder, bring the infection.

+ Be careful if you notice thatthe degree of burn is clearly higher than 1d. If this is a large or frequent burn, injuring more than 10% of the skin, then promptly treat the wounds with Panthenol or another remedy and call the doctor.

Further information is purely indicative. SELF-CUTTING SERIOUS BURNS IS NOT RECOMMENDED. There is also a local type of treatment for household burns. It is divided into two types, which often alternate during treatment:

+ Clear type. Damaged place is treated with infrared radiation or special. fan, for the purpose of hardening the wound and its drying.

+ Closed type. Supposes the use of dressings with antiseptic medicinal ointments. It depends on the condition of the burn.

And we want to repeat that when you burn with boiling water you were careful and did not self-medicate, starting with the 2nd degree.