Swelling after general anesthesia

You can not drink and eat after a general anesthesiafor one simple reason: drugs that are used for general anesthesia (anesthesia), suppress the swallowing reflex. Therefore, if a person who has not completely stopped after anesthesia tries to drink, he can choke, water gets into the respiratory tract, this will cause a reflex spasm of the vocal cords with swelling of the subglottic space, and this is dangerously suffocating and described in medicine under the name of aspiration pneumonitis or Mendelssohn syndrome. This is the main reason. But when a person has woken up completely after anesthesia and can clearly speak and swallow well, it is not just possible, but it is also necessary to get drunk! BUT! To decide whether it is already possible to drink and feed after anesthesia, should only an anesthesiologist!

When our son underwent surgery under generalAnesthesia, the doctor said not to give him water, but only to moisten his lips. Mother did so, but when she left for a moment, the son asked his friends-neighbors in the ward to give him a drink. They certainly gave, after which the son had a vomiting for half an hour.

Therefore, you should not give a drink to a person after a general anesthesia within 2 hours. And then you can a little, but only water and no juice and other drinks - they also cause vomiting.