Edema with concussion of the brain

No, alcohol with concussion is contraindicatedat all. Especially if you have been prescribed treatment and you are taking medicine or are injecting you. This is very dangerous for life. I know this not by hearsay, our neighbor died from it. He went to the hospital with a concussion and went to bed, with a bag of things, and on his feet. In the hospital, he took alcoholic drinks with his neighbors in the ward (as the doctor later said). I will not describe all the details of how he fell into a coma and his wife ran around the hospitals and doctors, not understanding anything, since her husband went to the hospital normal and on his own legs, and was brought home on stretchers. He died a week after he fell into a coma.

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Whether it is possible to drink alcohol at a concussion of a brain.

Alcohol destroys the work of cerebral vessels, damages brain cells.

When drinking alcohol with a concussion, a person will have headaches, dizziness, cerebral edema, loss of consciousness, and stroke.

Alcohol blocks the access of oxygen to the brain and then death can come.

Therefore, with a concussion, it is better to refrain altogether from alcohol, coffee and cigarettes.

Can. but it is not necessary.This will be the last stroke of health. I just experienced a concussion. not by hearsay I can say. that this is a terrible thing. You will not wish the enemy. You walk on the floor. but it seems. that is not on the level. somewhere you fail. A dreadful headache. you can not concentrate on anything. all thoughts are mixed. You can not finish your thought. you can not concentrate .And what nausea! So you do not need to drink, and so, as if you had a drink. only in feeling you can not come.