Swelling after chemotherapy treatment

Sad statistics show that cancerdiseases are spreading more and more among the population of different countries of the world. Each year, this or that kind of cancer causes about seven million deaths. Meanwhile, modern medical technologies allow in many cases to successfully combat oncology. The methods of cancer treatment applied in modern oncology are quite effective and help to save many lives.

Chemotherapy is considered one of the main methodstreatment of oncological diseases. As a rule, chemotherapy is a positive date. Even if it does not destroy all the cancer cells, it stops their progression, prolonging the patient's life.

Of course, chemotherapy also has side effectseffects, since when exposed to cancer cells, the effect on healthy tissues and organs also occurs. Among the negative effects can be noted vomiting and the development of mental problems. Due to the long-term effects of chemotherapy on the bone marrow, the number of red blood cells decreases, leading to weakness and bleeding. All these consequences, to some extent, after chemotherapy will have to be carried over to every patient. To reduce side effects, recovery from chemotherapy is necessary.

Recovery after chemotherapy includescarrying out activities aimed not only at treating the complications that have appeared, but also on additional maintenance of the patient's health, on renewing the ability of the human body to resist infections and diseases that can attack the patient's body during treatment.

In recovery after chemotherapy, a hugevalue is given to treatment in sanatoria. Recently, in connection with the increased incidence of cancer, many sanatoriums began to develop special rehabilitation programs for cancer patients. In addition to the treatment itself, conducted in sanatoriums, it is extremely important for a patient who has undergone chemotherapy to psychologically change the situation. Positive changes always strengthen the spirit, give courage and strength. After finding a person in the nervous environment, which treated cancer, he quickly gets used to the conditions of the sanatorium. Man gets used to live a certain routine, undergoes strengthening procedures, that is, adapts to new conditions. Due to the positive attitude, the person's psyche is reconstructed in a positive way, allowing the patient to cope with stress. Among other things, there is a powerful strengthening of immunity.

Recovery after chemotherapy under conditionsthe sanatorium is appointed individually after examination by the attending physician. Usually in the sanatorium recovery after chemotherapy is included - mineral water therapy and phytotherapy, development of a special diet to maintain immunity, exercise therapy. For certain medical indications, baths with sea and iodinated water, aromatherapy and therapeutic swimming, yoga exercises, equipment purification from intestinal slags and other medical and preventive procedures can be included in the course of recovery after chemotherapy. So, women who underwent chemotherapy against breast cancer, often suffer from swelling of the lymph nodes on the arm from the side of surgical intervention. For the removal of puffiness, lymph drainage procedures are prescribed.

Classes of physiotherapy can reducesoreness, the use of mineral waters for bowel irrigation and drinking relieve the body from intoxication. In addition, any course of recovery after chemotherapy involves talking with professional psychologists.