What causes edema

Bring_Die wrote (a): salt has a very strong effect on bags, so as written above - its use is also desirable to reduce

Yes, by the way! I just stopped eating salty, seemingly since then, and started to disappear. possibly related to this. However, all the same in the mornings sometimes there are not strong. I save myself with a spray of ice-cold Faberlicovsky, it perfectly helps to remove such swelling.

Well, Faberlic, of course, a cloud of all means for beauty, this can not be taken away. But here's another "wild" recipe. Parsley. The most banal parsley.
The first is to try to chew it almost like a pasture - everywhere and in all possible dishes.
The second - if possible, make masochki under eyes from the ground (at the worst - chewed) parsley
The third is to steam the leaves with twigs, freeze them, and wipe the face and under the eyes as often as possible (at least once a day at least)
How many ladies know, everyone helps. By the way, if dill is added to the mastic (it is not necessary to mask at all - in masks and ice-flakes only parsley), and so parsley with dill very help to get rid of natoptyshes on the soles. How it is interlinked-I have no idea-I set forth the purely practical experience of many years of experiments.