Edema during dental implantation

Edema in the implantation of teeth

The process of installing implants in the replacement of lostor the removed teeth is physiological. In fact, the roots of artificial chewing organs become in the bony holes of the jaws to the place that is for this purpose intended by nature itself. but edema after implantation of teeth - a very frequent complication of this dentalprocedures. It arises not less often than other unpleasant consequences, for example, small hematomas or a slight increase in temperature, secretion of the syphilis, pain, mild bleeding.

Any surgical intervention causesdamage to tissues, and this is by no means an exception. It's no surprise that after a complex multi-stage implantation of the dental implant, the surrounding tissues react in a certain way. Discomfort manifestations should not be too pronounced. If this is not the case, or they last more than two to four days, you need to visit a specialist.

The severity of the consequences, by the way, depends on the individual characteristics of the organism and in all patients is different. Reduce edema after implantation of teeth or to prevent its occurrence is quite real. How can this be done? Follow the doctor's advice and do not neglect oral hygiene. In order to reduce the manifestation of edema, it is necessary to apply ice or any frozen product from the side of the person who underwent operative intervention. This is done several times in the first day after the manipulations for about 20 minutes. After eating, you need to rinse the mouth with antiseptic solutions, you need to do this after each meal. You should also pay attention to the diet: avoid sharp and hot dishes. Food should be well crushed, so the mucous membrane will be less injured.

If the edema persists for a very long time (morethree or four days), or he changed his characteristics: the temperature of the tissues increased, there was soreness with the touch or chewing, the soft tissues of the face turned red, in such a situation one should turn to the doctor without delay. This means that microorganisms have penetrated into damaged tissues, as a result of which the wound was infected after implantation. In this case, edema will not pass by itself, and the patient's condition may worsen with time.

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