Edema of the left side of the body

Please tell me what to do, I have suchsymptoms: a aching or tingling pain above the left shoulder blade, the neck hurts and the head is aching badly, a small swelling of the left side of the face, the region of the trigeminal nerve of the face hurts, dizziness, a sensitive rise in the body temperature of the left side, in general there is no temperature, as if the left side of the body is pulsing and burning.

Anna (in the village of Kuibyshevo)

You have signs of protrusions and herniated intervertebraldisks in the cervical spine, compressing the vertebral arteries. Make an MRI of the cervical spine on an apparatus with a magnetic field strength of at least 1.5 Tesla, UZDG vessels of the head and neck. Send a detailed description of the survey results and indicate your age

Clinic of healthy spine "Stayer"