38 weeks there was swelling

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Edema in the 37-38weeks. Dear girls, who faced this, who knows how dangerous this is and how to deal with it, please share.

At all, edema are considered a normal phenomenon in later terms of pregnancy. little of. some puffiness even favors her.

► There are often edema a few weeks before the birth. Especially in 36-40 weeks. It happens that there never was edema. and then fingers swell around atof pregnancy and, especially, in the last weeks, although s, edema in pregnant women at 38week .

This is actual and now, it is not necessary atof pregnancy stick to buns, sweet and fatty foods, the kid always uses all this and grows too large, which will create both of you the risk of great trouble in childbirth.

I have 38weeks. Have appeared edema brushes of hands (in the morning I can not squeeze into a fist) and legs (the shoes are not fastened). Thirst is strong, I try to eat with juicy apples, but I drink a lot anyway.

One of the most threatening of them is late gestosis, and edema on 38weekof pregnancy may be the first to signal a danger.

This is actual and now, it is not necessary atof pregnancy stick to buns, sweet and fatty foods, baby is always all that.

less salt and less drink.

But at the end 38weeksedema without increasing pressure, with normal tests, without dizziness and flies in the eyes - yes, the norm.

FROM edema do not joke, it's always serious, and atof pregnancy doubly.

Description 38weeksof pregnancy. information on sensations, secretions, perturbations and fetal development in the calendar of pregnancy on the site Babyblog.ru.

Small edema for 38weeksof pregnancy also quite typical, but if they are really small. The emergence of significant edema on 38weekof pregnancy. including edema face and the appearance of swelling under the eyes.

The uterus squeezes large vessels and as a result of this, the outflow of fluid decreases. therefore edema on 38weekof pregnancy - this is quite normal phenomenon, which should not cause anxiety in a pregnant woman.