Edema with bruises treatment

Get a bruise of one of the body parts you canabsolutely spontaneously and in a matter of seconds. And no preventive measures to prevent bruises will help. As for the consequences of bruises, they are different, including swelling, which brings a lot of discomfort and spoiling plans for the coming days.

With an injury, first aid isapplying cold lotions to the bruised area. This method will help prevent the formation of edema and reduce its size in the future. In addition, it is necessary to apply a pressure bandage slightly above the affected area, which will prevent the formation of a tumor.

Even more effective will be the firstbruise, if you do not just apply a piece of frozen meat from the refrigerator, which is practiced by most people, and prepare for a bruised place a special lotion. To produce it, you need medicinal herbs - St. John's wort, plantain, bitter wormwood, yarrow, heather ordinary. Choose any grass or take two or three of them, pour boiling water in the following proportion: a spoon of dry matter on a glass of water. Allow the broth to stand for thirty minutes. Then it must completely cool down, because the lotions are made cold. This tool moistens a bandage or other tissue, folded several times, and is applied to the site of injury. Such a procedure will significantly alleviate the symptoms, and the applied material should be kept cold.

In the event that the edema nevertheless has arisen, it is possibleresort to the following folk remedies. To reduce pain in a bruised place and to quickly get rid of all the symptoms of a bruise, juice of onions are used. It is necessary to grate the onion finely, and apply the resulting liquid gruel to a sore spot. In this case, the therapeutic effect will have onion juice.

You can use tea brew. It is necessary to brew strong tea, extract the tea leaves from it and cool it as much as possible, but do not dry it. Welding is wrapped in a bandage, and the resulting wet mass is applied to the bruised area.

One of the most accessible antiseptics isplantain. It should be applied to the edema, without doing preliminary work. The leaves should be juicy and fresh. You can also use the juice of plantain. It is necessary to wipe the leaves of plantain and wrap the resulting liquid mass in a bandage, resulting in a compress made from plantain. Its useful properties will help remove external symptoms of the injury and contribute to an early cure.

If you take wormwood for treatment, then it is fresh and juicy - grinded, and then applied to a sore spot.

You can get useful properties from the cheaters,if its root is boiled for five minutes over a small fire, then cool and dab a bandage or handkerchief in the resulting broth. When you apply the tissue to the swelling, it will quickly come down.

When the bruise is very large, ordinary cottage cheese will help. It should be frozen, and then applied to the bruised place. It will be good if the curds give a little sour, because the increased acid will promote an accelerated process of resorption of the edema.

You can also make compresses from ordinary vinegar, diluting it in equal proportions with water.

In the event that the swelling does not wish to descend and it has hardened, then a massage is required for the bruised place. In this case, the compresses should be warm, but not hot.

It is also useful to rub the place of a bruise with balsam,prepared independently from the essential oils of eucalyptus, tea tree, mint and fir. These ingredients should be taken a couple of drops and diluted with all five drops of alcohol, as well as a teaspoon of petroleum jelly. After mixing the ingredients, you will get a balm suitable for rubbing, but you should rub very carefully.

Use for treatment of a bruise is necessary onlychilled products. The main thing is not to cool the surface of the limb and not to catch joints. To prevent this, you need to rub the joints, use a few essential oils of fir, lemon or geranium.