Swelling of the ankles

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Usually the cause of pain in the ankle is:

  • subluxation of the joint, transferring to arthrosis;
  • arthritic inflammation.

Arthritis differs from subluxation in that inIn most cases, the ankle joint is not alone in its condition - other joints are also afflicted with an ailment. In one far from a beautiful morning a person discovers that his ankles are aching, and he knows for sure that he has not received any injuries on the eve. Inflammation, swelling, painful sensations make life difficult for the patient mainly at night. When walking, the pain is less pronounced.

Diseases in which the ankles hurt

The main causes of pain in the ankle:

- Injuries to the feet and ankles. This is perhaps the most common reason for the pain in the ankle. Patients with a similar diagnosis are the lion's share of visitors to trauma centers. These injuries result from mechanical impact on the bones of the foot: the patient tucks his foot, lands on his feet when falling or jumping from a height, drops a heavy object on his leg. Most often, as a result of such cases, doctors recorded ligament sprains, fractures of the foot bones (phalanges of the fingers, metatarsals, tarsus, heel bones, ankles) and the posterior edge of the tibia, dislocation of the feet.

- Deforming osteoarthritis is a serious ailment,affecting the musculoskeletal system. Very often, due to the development of deforming arthrosis, a person loses efficiency and becomes disabled. The leading cause of deformation of the ankle bones under the influence of arthrosis is traumatization of the foot bones (ankle, talus and tibia).

- Degenerative arthritis, otherwise calledosteoarthritis, is often recorded not only in elderly people, but also in middle-aged people. This disease is associated with the natural abrasion of the cartilaginous tissue, which acts as a covering of the bone inside the joint bag. From smooth and "slippery" it becomes rough, dry, bone movement in the joint is difficult, which leads to joint inflammation, inflames and aching ankles, knees, etc. gradually developing, articular syndrome causes more and more unpleasant sensations in the region of the joints.

- Rheumatoid arthritis. This disease is quite common, although scientists have questioned the fact that it is inherited. However, do not deny the possibility of predisposition to it. Provoke the development of rheumatoid arthritis capable of some infectious diseases. It is possible that some of the immune bodies produced by the defense system have a negative effect on the joint condition. It is according to this scenario that events develop when the joints suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

- Arthritis, which is the result of trauma. Basically, posttraumatic arthritis is provoked by damage to the connective tissues of the lower limbs. Usually complication of rupture of ligaments or muscles becomes displacement of the joint, after which the injured joint becomes extremely prone to developing arthritis. Under the influence of biologically active substances generated by the inflammatory process, the process of substitution of the cartilaginous tissue of the inelastic connective tissue takes place in the joint.

Specialists who need to be contacted for pain:

If you have trauma, swelling and pain in the ankle, aching bones of the feet or ligaments during walking or after running, the cause can only be revealed by the doctor after an appropriate examination.