Quitting smoking swelling

November 21 marks the International Day of Refusalsmoking. This holiday is established to combat the spread of tobacco dependence. In honor of this day, we decided to recall which of the world-class stars could give up this harmful habit.

Look in our gallery, which of the stars once smoked, but was able to cope with this bad habit.

Recall that smoking causes irreparable harm not only to the health of the smoker, but also to the people who surround it, because they are forced to breathe harmful tobacco smoke.

Smoking is associated with an increased risk of developingcardiovascular disease, stroke and cancer. Despite understanding the risks, quitting can be very difficult, but those who really want to part with a bad habit should not be scared. Look, who from celebrities has found in itself forces to overcome a nicotine dependence.

Watch the movie with Gisele Bundchen for David Yurman :