Edema due to osteochondrosis

Osteochondrosis is one of the most common diseases. In the second half of life, it is more or less manifested in many people, but sometimes occurs at a young age. Osteochondrosis often resembles the symptoms of internal diseases. Therefore, it is so important to consult a doctor in a timely manner and conduct a full examination.

Osteochondrosis is degenerative-dystrophicspine disease, especially the intervertebral discs (shock absorbers. Women's pads - let's talk about the wings between the vertebrae, which consist of a gelatinous nucleus surrounded by a fibrous ring). Under the influence of a complex of causes, the intervertebral discs are first covered with cracks, then lose elasticity and finally collapse. The process ends with a rupture of the fibrous ring and extrusion of the gelatinous nucleus beyond the fibrous ring with the formation of a disc hernia that can squeeze the roots of the spinal discs and severe pain.

Why does osteochondrosis appear? The causes of osteochondrosis may be different, but more often than not there are several.

Today it is established that very often the mainthe cause of osteochondrosis is congenital or hereditary features of the structure of osteochondral tissue and ligamentous apparatus of the spine (congenital osteochondrosis).

Chances of getting osteochondrosis in such peopleincrease if they are overweight, engage in heavy physical labor, eat poorly and so on (early osteochondrosis). Such people can develop osteochondrosis on nerves after suffering stresses.

The cause of osteochondrosis may bevarious vascular disorders that lead to a disruption in the nutrition of tissues and the development of metabolic-dystrophic processes. Various suffered injuries can also be a cause of disturbance of blood circulation and associated metabolic disorders (posttraumatic osteochondrosis).

The causes of osteochondrosis can occuralso in hormonal disorders. Hormonal disorders - overabundance and deficiency are equally dangerous. for example, in menstrual disorders, various endocrine diseases (for example, diabetes mellitus), and so on.

One of the most common causes of osteochondrosis is a sedentary lifestyle combined with improper diet and excess weight. Especially often develops osteochondrosis in the elderly.

There are several classifications of osteochondrosis. The following types of osteochondrosis are distinguished by localization: cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral. Often called osteochondrosis, in which the pathological process spans two or more parts of the spine.

According to the degree of changes in the intervertebral discs and the course of the disease, 4 stages of osteochondrosis are distinguished:

  • I stage (the initial stage of osteochondrosis, osteochondrosis 1 degree) - minor changes in the intervertebral discs, mild discomfort and discomfort in the relevant area;
  • II stage (osteochondrosis 2 degrees) - protrusion (bulging of the disk into the spinal canal without rupturing the fibrous ring) of the disc, reduction of distances between vertebrae, infringement of nerves, pain;
  • III stage (osteochondrosis of 3 degrees) - the appearance of intervertebral hernias and a significant deformation of the spine;
  • IV stage (osteochondrosis 4 degrees) - usualmovements cause severe pain, which is associated with the growth of bone tissue and decreased mobility of the spine, that is, a combination of osteochondrosis and deforming spondylarthrosis (sometimes this condition is called "deforming osteochondrosis", but this is not correct); Disability in osteochondrosis often develops at this stage.

Often patients ask a question, what isdissecting osteochondrosis. This type of pathology to osteochondrosis is irrelevant, it refers to osteochondropathies - diseases of joints of unknown origin, developing in childhood and adolescence. Dissecting osteochondrosis or Koenig's disease is characterized by impaired blood circulation in certain areas of the cartilaginous tissue of the joints, which leads to their necrosis and rejection. Most often it develops in the knee joint.

As a result of changes in the intervertebral discsthere is a trauma and squeezing the roots of the nerves and nourishing blood vessel tissues, which in turn causes inflammation, swelling and pain. Edema in osteochondrosis develops locally, in the area of ​​squeezed roots of spinal nerves and surrounding tissues. The initial signs of osteochondrosis are associated with these phenomena. Acute osteochondrosis can appear for the first time when such outwardly discernible changes in the spine are exerted by some external influence, for example, lifting of the heaviness, a sharp turn of the neck or trunk, and so on. Neurological manifestations of osteochondrosis in such cases can be sharply expressed (terry osteochondrosis): severe pain and spasm of muscles, as a result of which a person freezes in a forced position.

Sharp compression leads to the development ofinflammation, so perhaps even an increase in temperature with osteochondrosis, although osteochondrosis and the temperature of the phenomenon are usually not interrelated. The temperature of osteochondrosis often increases or decreases locally, in tissues where there is a violation of innervation or circulation. Osteochondrosis and lymph nodes Lymph nodes - on what holds our immunity is usually not related, but with the development of inflammation in the strangulated nerve fibers and surrounding tissues, lymph nodes may slightly increase.

In the future, pain intensifies anda permanent character due to the growth of bone tissue (osteophytes). In this case there is a constant squeezing of the roots - chronic osteochondrosis develops. Although, if you understand, the chronic course of the disease develops initially. Exacerbation of osteochondrosis occurs with sudden movements or colds - an attack of osteochondrosis starts, when chronic pain suddenly increases sharply by squeezing the roots of the spinal nerves. In the place of compression there is inflammation and edema of the nerve (sciatica). Osteochondrosis and radiculitis are inseparable phenomena.

Depending on what nerve fibers have suffered and in which part of the spine, there can be a variety of signs of osteochondrosis.

Vegeto-vascular disorders (vegetative-vasculardystonia - VSD) occur during compression and swelling of vegetative fibers that form part of the roots. VSD and osteochondrosis is also a very frequent combination - it can dramatically increase or, conversely, decrease blood pressure (BP), there is increased heart rate (tachycardia) and so on. Nausea with osteochondrosis, trembling of limbs (tremor) with osteochondrosis, panic attacks Panic attacks - fear from nowhere with osteochondrosis (sudden attacks of fear) - are associated with the VSD. Insomnia with osteochondrosis can be associated, as with VSD, and with pain.

With multiple sclerosis, the back muscles are practicallydo not support the spine, so the phenomena of osteochondrosis can progress - some designate this condition as diffuse osteochondrosis, although in fact there is no such name.

Basically, the symptoms of the disease depend on which part of the spine is affected: cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacral osteochondrosis can have different manifestations.

Maybe some exercises help ??

This is a direct illness of the 21st century. Every year it hits more people and it's a pity they are getting younger. Now almost all the children sit at home at the computer, spoiling their spine. I myself have hardly brought myself to such a state. The doctor forbade walking on high heels and move more. Now everything is normal, but it could be worse and getting rid of the problem would be much more difficult.

I never had any problems with my back, I was studyingsports and did not even suspect that I could face such an unpleasant situation. Now we often have to sit at the computer and in connection with this has acquired a curve of the spine. The back began to hurt, she went to the doctor and she shocked me, prescribed gymnastics. Now I hang on the bar and I make a birch tree. I'm waiting for the result.

I here have thought and have taken note, that at methe first stage often overtakes. Even from a heavy bag. But I know one girl who already has a hernia. To whom she just did not go, poor. And massages and stretch marks did not help at all. Woz and now there. And I heard that when intervertebral hernias appear, they generally can not be touched, they themselves gradually pass.

Galya, you can not think, but go to the clinic. Then you will know exactly what stage it is and whether it is. Maybe something else disguised as this disease. But my aunt's hernia was cut out, a lot of money was taken off. A year later, in the same place, she again grew up. It's unclear if the doctors know that it's useless, why torture people with operations? Now almost always offer to remove them.

As far as I know, this disease is observed in manystudents and schoolchildren - the result of improper sitting at the desk. And it helps from this physical exercise. At least I thought so. And it turns out that you can get sick at any age. Although, I believe, an active lifestyle with regular physical activity should protect from the appearance of this disease.

Valera, the causes of this diseasea lot of. For example, hard work and physical activity, so do not overdo it with sports. Also, lovely girls and women should keep their feet and not walk on high heels as they like to do it. Of course, if you follow the lifestyle, for proper walking and eating, then you can avoid many diseases, not only this one.

We owe this illness to the uprightness. Probably not a person on the planet who had no problems with the spine. It is important and timely started treatment, and mandatory prevention. It is necessary to massage twice a year, exercise, less salt food and two liters of liquid a day, that would wash out excess salts from the body. And treatment if necessary.

Unfortunately, this disease is much more serious thanmay seem at first glance. Especially neglected. And the reason for the occurrence of doctors often can not be determined, as correctly written in the article, there are too many of them - from excess weight to childhood injuries of some kind. And its consequences are terrible, when it squeezes the vessels, etc. My mother suffers from this illness and she is familiar not by hearsay.

This winter I was diagnosed with this. It was difficult to breathe, the neck and back were constantly hurting - there was a periodically cramping pain. I began to sleep only on my back, to sit only with a straight back. But one problem solved the problem of pain. Elimination of a sedentary lifestyle. I began to do fitness every day. First an easy exercise, then harder. And it became much easier for me, the pain stopped worrying.

The husband often complains of pains in the back, readYour article and began to suspect that he already has, apparently 1 st degree! I ask him to quit his job for six months (he is a builder) and look for something in his specialty, rested his horn and does not want to. Now I will take him to the doctor, I hope only that the diagnosis is not confirmed, since the disease apparently can quickly progress, and it is hard to be treated: (

By the way, one of the main reasonsthe occurrence of this disease in women, is wearing shoes with high heels - hairpins. If I knew about this a little bit earlier, then maybe now I did not suffer so. The doctor told me about this when I turned to him with severe pain in the back. Blockades and massage did their job: I felt better, but now at any moment the pain can return. So, girls, young women, take note of my sad experience.

Julia, I know women who have spent their entire lives onhigh heels and this problem does not suffer. How can this all be interrelated? I, for example, do not wear shoes with high heels, and yet, I also suffer from back and neck pain. And if you have already reached the point of blockade, it's certainly not the shoes that are to blame. I'm still physiotherapy, darsonval is my best assistant.

I also noticed a strange thing, when, for example,I go for a long time in shoes on a flat sole, then it's very problematic for me to go to heels. The spine somehow does not immediately assume a normal position, it takes a few days to get used until comfortable feel yourself. That's what the flexibility is not. Now I know why such a reaction. And I forgot about hairpins for a long time.

Julia, I have the same problem. I also always wear high-heeled shoes, because I'm not tall and at work it's so convenient for me. Not only did I have severe pain in my back, I also had a bone to grow. I went to the doctor, took an X-ray and the doctor took off the pain and ordered to take off the shoes on the hairpin. Adapt to shoes without a heel is very difficult, but it is necessary.

Very accurately I can say that this disease is waitingeveryone. This is not even a disease, but a kind of spine. The only thing, it is possible to correct something in children's and young still age, and to an old age it will not be possible. Therefore, they say that you must be protected from the young age. I did not adhere to this, I tore my back. Now, how inconveniently I bow, and then I lie down for weeks with ointments.

Unfortunately, if earlier this disease was encounteredonly in elderly people, nowadays it can be found in many young people. I do not know what is the reason for this phenomenon. Even my husband several years ago diagnosed this disease, although very much doubt that the diagnosis was correctly delivered. Despite this, cases of illness are increasing, and patients are getting younger.

Svetlana, but who are you telling this to! I just put this diagnosis in ten years. I will not say that it bothered me, but my mother was shocked. And I just did not think about it and did not pay attention. Now after 15 years, it's already a little annoying. Simply, if at this age, already such a disease, then what will happen next?

It's that, Svetlana! At our friend the daughter of 12 years has lain in hospital with such diagnosis! This is generally hereditary, the doctors said, and now the girl has a long and difficult treatment, so that in the future she did not have to become disabled. But she is not even a high school student and how she will bear and bear children in the future, if everything is already sore and falling apart.

Disease of the 21st century, and very progressive. I'm amazed how many young people complain of pain in the back, neck and it's in 20 years! And the worst thing is that almost no one attaches importance to pain, well, it will hurt and cease. And the vertebrae between the case all flattened, while the back can not hurt, and the person does not understand why it became more and more often worried about headaches, lethargy. I think the most important reason is the lack of physical activity among the majority of young people, we sit for hours at the computer, we sit at school, work, we come home and sit on the couch, it's easy, but by that we are ruining our spine.

But my mother is not experiencing much pain, buther legs are bad and her back is not unbent at all; she can barely walk like an old woman 100 years old! My hands also weakened, even his signature cannot be properly placed or he can open a bag of milk, so we are very worried, what if it doesn’t respond to treatment? She was prescribed a course of injections and physical therapy, but so far there are no visible results.

Marina, depending on how old your mother is and whatstudies have been performed. There is no certainty that the treatment is prescribed correctly, and therefore the result is not particularly visible. And in general, the symptoms that you describe are not quite similar to the disease of the spine. More like something very serious, but I will not voice. It is better to go to the doctor, let him follow up.

I have this disease for a long time. The back, of course, ached, but it was possible to live. And at the beginning of the summer season, he worked in the country, as usual, nothing hurt, and then he bent and could not get up to speed. So they took the crooked ambulance to the hospital. Now it is much easier, but now I know that such aggravation and joking, with such a seemingly unserious disease, is impossible.

Ivan Petrovich, it is very interesting to listen to the opiniona seasoned person who has been coping with this disease for many years. And please tell me, what methods do you use to prevent aggravation? Maybe a massage or some drugs? What especially helps you? And it seems that it is very difficult to live with this disease.

Valentine, of course, is very hard to live. It’s just that everyone’s illness goes on individually, and men aren’t used to complaining at all, so Ivan Petrovich’s comment has a positive color. In fact, physiotherapy is effective and one should not neglect physical therapy, well, and pills / ointments of the appropriate purpose. I would not advise resorting to folk remedies.

Pain in the head is not always associated with the spine,You need to establish their exact cause, Although, now doctors are accustomed to write off a lot of things on the spine, I know one man who constantly had lower back. He was also told, well, what do you want, this is age pain in the spine. And when he was thoroughly examined, he had cancer, and in the stage when it was too late to do anything.

Maria, correctly say that to clarifydiagnosis should be examined, and not rely on the fact that the spine is sore. First of all, it is necessary to always exclude the most dangerous diseases, and only then engage in the treatment of less serious when all the most serious diseases are excluded. This disease, fortunately, is not fatal and well amenable to correction.

I, judging by the materials in the article, is already the secondstage. I understood correctly. What will this disease progress? What to do to prevent this process? I am helped only by applicators with sharp spikes, it helps to relieve pain syndrome for a while. From ointments there is no effect. Sometimes I do a massage, only it is very painful, I am even afraid to go to the masseur.

Lisa, from ointments and there should be no effect. they practically do not penetrate the skin and even more so, they do not reach the level where the nerve roots lie. But the massage courses and the pool will surely help you. They relax the muscles of the spine and allow it to straighten a little, and consequently release the squeezed roots. This disease cannot be cured, but complications can be prevented.

I really do not know what to do. My head and neck began to hurt when I get up after sleeping. Did spinal problems start? After all, I do sports and 2 times a week I go to the gym. I now think that the Lyapko applicator can help me. I have it. When I get tired back at work, I come home and lie down on it for 10 minutes. The back gets lighter.

Eugene, many of this and do not know, but from classessports spine just may suffer. Large loads of health have not added to anyone yet. So maybe, on the contrary, you should do less or consult with the trainer what type of simulators is right for you, so as not to burden the spine too much. Think about it seriously.

Not only its own weight spoilsspine. From the wrong carrying a bag, for example, on one shoulder, you also get a curvature. Therefore, how to go to school, first-graders are recommended only a good knapsack and preferably a quality one. Then the back is flat, and there is no load on the spine. This is the ideal. Shoes are also affected if bad. That flatfoot is formed. And on a flat foot, the body does not maintain the correct position. Yes, a lot of things.

Taisiya, you are right, many do not pay shoesproper attention, but completely in vain. Because, due to incorrect foot setting and the presence of flat-footedness, the spine is deformed in order to redistribute the feeling of heaviness and gain stability. As a result, the roots of large nerves are pinched and all the symptoms of osteochondrosis occur. Both pain and stiffness.

Also suffer from this disease. Especially, it is hard when the summer season begins: not to bend, not to bend. In the winter, she took a massage course on the bed Nuga Best. While I went to him there was a noticeable improvement, and then again the pain returned. It would be nice to have such a bed at home. In the treatment room to walk constantly burdensome.

Valentina, I once watched on TVinteresting transfer. It turns out you need to be able to work correctly, there are certain rules on how to bend, turn. lift and carry weights. If you observe them, then you will be sick much less often and not with much strength. Search the Internet for information on this topic and I think you will make your life much easier, and it will be a pleasure to work in the country.

Svetlana Vladimirovna, do you suggest this wheneach movement, first think about how to do it, and only then turn or squat? How much time will it take you to imagine? It's only half a day to think how to sit down to drink some tea. Nonsense some. You just need to do some exercises in the morning to straighten the spine.

He became aggravated during pregnancy, whenchanged position of the spine. Such terrible pains were not to sit down. neither get up nor bend. It hurts to lie, it hurts to stand. That's terrible. And no drugs can be! So my husband had to massage my back every day. Helped not bad. But finally passed only when she gave birth, and the spine fell into place.

How I sympathize with you, Anna! Wedge during pregnancy and weight is gained, and we move much less, and such diseases manifest themselves. And in fact, to be treated is only modzhno folk remedies, and even then not all, but selectively! Still, you need to do exercises as far as possible, it will help to somehow avoid exacerbation or reduce pain symptoms.

I am all these diseases that are associated with mobilityjoints, confused constantly. Now at least he was a little savvy, what and where to distinguish. Here, I suppose, it is a matter of cartilage. Yes, this is a serious problem. If left untreated, you can be in a wheelchair. Without cartilage and no mobility will not. We must eat all the products that are useful for them. A good dish is simple brawn. Yes, and the charge should be done periodically, do not let them stop.

Charging here will not help if the disks went todestruction. I can say that you can not bring yourself to this state. Increased weight is also dangerous with this disease, every load on the spine is too big. Everything should be in moderation. To run and jump to an obese person is only to accelerate the injury and illness on the spine. Here, on the contrary, it is necessary to take care of yourself.

Yes, it is necessary to move more so that it does not exist. All vertebrae and discs need constant training, and even rust is not long. This is about the usual pain, when you get out of bed in the morning with grunting, I say. To avoid this, charging must be done and walking. You can always start to do it, and before the disease, and during it. Painfully? Smear some ointment and continue.

Michael, indeed, even such a proverbexists: movement - life! The more our joints and muscles take part in the movement, the more durable will be the skeleton of the body and the less chance that it will begin to sag under its own weight. As a result, the nerve endings will not be impaired. That is why people who play sports rarely suffer from this disease.

I used to call myself "young chondrosnitsa" ((Because at school I had a pinched nerve in the cervical region and for four days I could not turn my head. And then, because of constant sitting in an uncomfortable position during study and work, there was constant back pain. Now while I am on maternity leave and I move a lot, I don’t sit it easier, but I’m already thinking with horror that when I go to work, everything will resume.

Vile is a thing ostiochandroz. I treated for a long time, I spent a lot of money on a massage therapist. Now it is easier.

Yes, it directly affects the increase in pressure,I feel periodically. If you work in a single posture and move a little, muscle swelling occurs, and then does not move without pain. But somehow here the disease is really colorfully described, you feel directly disabled. In fact, the most incurable is multiple sclerosis. It is not treated, and leads to complete immobilization.

In her youth she was fond of hiking tourism, 10years went hiking and dragged heavy backpacks of 23-25 ​​kg maximum, almost half of my weight. Well, giant, say. And now old age has come, and osteochondrosis has appeared. For no reason, suddenly, with sharp turns or lifting a heavy bag, or an unsuccessful tilt, he shoots his spine. I think that the disks are somehow shifted, and the nerve is pinched. Massage helps me, which makes me a husband who has completed special courses on this subject. It mainly massages the spine. In this case, the vertebrae are in place, and even a small crunch is heard. after such a massage the pain becomes much less, and, somewhere, in a day it releases. I drink preparations with a glucosamine. Here is such a sad experience. So, think about what the mad load on the spine can lead to in old age.

I have not visited doctors for a long time, and sometimes Imy back aches, so I began to think that it was possible for me to begin to manifest this disease in the initial stage. I’m going to leave as soon as the time for reception comes and I’m asking you to send me a x-ray picture of the spine. It is necessary to begin treatment in advance and change your lifestyle so as not to fall down like a bag under old age and to lie helplessly.

Marina, of course you go to the doctor, but not verythen they help with this disease. And the way of life must be changed, of course. Move more, do daily small morning exercises, eliminate salty. I will also recommend you to take a massage course. But the specialist must be a good, as they say, a masseuse from God. It all helped me well, now I live more or less fully.

Something you have written here horror moviesdoubtful to me. All my life I have been carrying heavy bags and I have no problems with my back. I even became stronger due to these physical activities, and those who do not take in the hands of gravity remain fragile. We must constantly do something heavy, it will keep the muscles in good shape, and all these horror stories are groundless.

Irina, if you are carrying heavy bags, this is notIt means that you have increased health. And you understand that perfectly well, just wonder what it is. Very many people, because of weight lifting, then lose their health and cannot even walk normally, so you shouldn’t recommend wearing weights as you do and saying that this is why you are healthy.