How to relieve edema of a medicine

Herbs, fruits, roots, flowers and leaves in the form ofbroths and infusions have long been used by sorcerers to heal people from swelling. Records found in China, which, according to scientists, for several centuries, mention the recipes of diuretic herbal medicines used to treat heart diseases and other diseases accompanied by water retention in the tissues of the body.

The fluid retention in the body occurs on differentcauses - inflammatory diseases of the urinary system, heart failure, disruption of the endocrine system, inflammation of the gallbladder, eating salty foods, menopause and many other causes are the causes of edema. The diuretic does not help in all cases equally. For example, drugs effective for fluid retention due to heart failure may be useless in venous stasis.

Green or black tea with milk havethe body has a beneficial effect. The combination of useful components in the drink not only has a toning effect, but also allows you to clean the kidneys. Milk can soften the effect of caffeine, so you can drink tea without fear of even hypertensive patients. Tea with milk diuretic effect shows very gently, without washing out the body's main electrolytes.

As a diuretic tea with milkis common among athletes. It is known that this drink intensively removes harmful substances that accumulate during training. It is accepted by people who are engaged in sports a few days before the competition, bodybuilders - in order to emphasize the relief of muscles and to remove puffiness. Recently, the diet included diet, which includes the use of tea with milk in order to lose excess pounds.

Herbal teas are a natural diuretic.