Swelling over the ages cause

It's hard to find someone who does not want toto look nice. And very often the first opinion about a person is formed on the basis of an assessment of his appearance. Unfortunately, excellent external data can sometimes spoil a little puffiness on the face, namely puffiness of the eyes. Recently, more and more often, especially female representatives, are turning to professional cosmetologists for help in solving this problem. But we must first understand, is the swelling of the eyelids a purely cosmetic problem?

Many people know that on the rashes on your face you cansometimes identify problem painful areas of the internal organs of man. What can the swelling of the eyes tell us? There are a lot of reasons. First of all, it should be remembered that under the skin of the eyelids is a circular mimic eye muscle. During contraction, this muscle promotes the movement of the interstitial fluid and the venous blood outflow. If some kind of disturbance occurs in this well-coordinated work, then as a result, swelling occurs over the eyes. Why do they appear especially in the morning? Because during sleep the eyelids do not move, are at rest and the muscle does not contract. As a result, fluid accumulates.

On the other hand, the cause of this can be a strong allergic reaction to either a medicine or food that has been eaten.

It is possible that swelling may occur as a result of failures in the internal organs:

Therefore, one should not be indifferent to such "signals", but it is necessary to check with specialists.

If you wake up every morning and are not very happyyour reflection in the mirror, your neck hurts, then check your sleeping place. Do not you have a soft and low pillow? When you sleep, is your head slightly above your body? However, the pillow should not be too high, because otherwise blood vessels will be transmitted.

Another cause of edema overeyes can be a disease of ENT organs. The swelling of the nose is provoked by the stuffiness of the maxillary and frontal sinuses of the nose, which are located next to the eyes.

Severe fatigue, a long work at the computer, abnormalities in the work of the kidneys and the heart can promote edema of the upper eyelids.

How to cope with swelling over the eyes?

As you could see, swelling gives us a signal,The broken traffic light flashes only with yellow light and warns everyone to be attentive. Therefore, it is very important to begin the fight against swelling with the definition of the cause of its appearance. If there is a suspicion that this is an allergy to something, then in this case it is necessary to drink an antiallergic drug. After a while, it is desirable to take any sorbent to eliminate intoxication.

To train the circular eye muscle, teachyourself daily doing a set of exercises for the eyes. Circular movements, rapid blinking, wink and other movements will help not only to get rid of swelling in the future, but also to improve one's vision.

After morning cleansing, massage the skin around the eyes using a little special cream. With your fingertips gently, gently tap the area of ​​the upper and lower eyelids.

A great assistant in solving this problemthere will be cold compresses on the eyes. The night before, brew medicinal herbs and pour into ice molds. In the morning, wipe an ice cube with chamomile or sage around the eyes.

In the evening, try not to drink a lot of liquid and do not eat salty and fatty foods. As is known, salt is a preservative and retains fluid in the body, including fatty layers of the eyelids.