Edema in diseased kidneys

Kidneys are considered one of the most hard-workingorgans in the human body. Every day they pass through them, after which all the most harmful and dangerous to health substances that enter the body through food, food and air are filtered. That is why sick kidneys, the symptoms of which are manifested at the initial stage, should be treated immediately.

The first sign that functionalitykidneys there were any changes, there will be a weakness and fatigue. This is most typical for active young people, as mobility decreases and this is very noticeable. Renal weakness occurs suddenly and very abruptly. First, it can roll attacks, which in most cases occur after consuming a large amount of liquid or products such as watermelon and melon. After that, the person becomes passive, tired, often he wants to lie down, the actions become slow, and various things are hard.

And now it is worth to tell about what symptoms are accompanied by sick kidneys. Early diagnosis and identification of the disease will help avoid complicating the disease with consequences.

Temperature in diseased kidneys

The rise in temperature is considered the brightesta symptom of renal pathology. This happens with a certain pattern. In the daytime the temperature reaches 37.5C, and in the evening it can rise to 38C. Some suffer from an increase in temperature around the clock, and a mark of 38 is exceeded after drinking fluids in large quantities, overcooling or stress.

Pressure in diseased kidneys

If a person has diseased kidneys, symptoms canmanifest itself and in the form of increased pressure. Persistent hypertension should be examined from a nephrologist. If the measures are not taken, the life of the patient is compromised, since kidney diseases are in themselves very dangerous, and in combination with increased pressure, the risk is doubled.

Urination in Patients with Kidney Disease

In most cases, a change in urinationis characteristic of diseases of the bladder. However, sick kidneys often manifest themselves in the same way. The symptom is as follows: firstly, there is a delay in urination and difficulty in going to the toilet. Then the process, on the contrary, becomes more frequent. A distinctive feature is the color of urine, which becomes cloudy and dark at the onset of the disease, and in development its color acquires transparency and a light tint.

Face in diseased kidneys

Swelling of the eyes may indicate the presencekidney disease. This symptom appears in the mornings, and during the day gradually decreases. Accompany edema with dark circles under the eyes. Often swelling of the fingers and toes and legs. Changing complexion in diseases of the kidneys. There is pallor with yellowness, and in the development of the disease the contrasting blush of unnatural color becomes a permanent coloring of the face. Peeling and dry skin, weakened hair, brittle hair can also talk about sick kidneys.

Pain in kidney problems

If the patient has diseased kidneys, symptomsare manifested not only in the appearance of a person, but also in painful sensations. In fact, the kidneys are fairly hardy and the "patient" organ. They start to get sick only at an aggravation of disease or inflammatory process. The pain manifests itself most strongly under the ribs at the waist. It can give down: in the bladder, groin, genitals. The pains are very diverse in nature, they can be aching, pulling, cutting, so when visiting a doctor it is worth emphasizing where the pain manifests itself.

Bleeding in diseased kidneys

There are bleeding after changes in theurination. They are not accompanied by pain and can appear suddenly. The nature of bleeding can be varied: from abundant secretions to clots in the urine.

Sick kidneys, symptoms and signs of problems with which coincide in the above points, should be necessarily examined by a specialist with the appointment of appropriate treatment.