Edema on what week

During pregnancy, the woman should normallyadd 10-12 kg, but in practice this is a rather conventional indicator, as many women add 20 or more kilograms. Half of the added weight falls on water. The fluid accumulates in fatty tissue and connective tissue, so swelling at 37 weeks of gestation is quite common.

How to deal with swelling during pregnancy?

It is necessary to carefully monitor, under what conditions and when there is swelling in the pregnant woman, because the process of water retention does not start suddenly.

After three months of pregnancy, many womennote that the skin on the abdomen, arms, legs becomes "loose" and loses its elasticity, and by the evening often swollen legs, so you have to wear bigger shoes.

A bad sign if swelling at 37 weeks of pregnancy do not subside even by morning. In this case, it is necessary to inform the doctor about this.

At each admission the doctor weighsof a pregnant woman. At normal development of pregnancy the weight increases gradually and gradually. If the weight increases jumpwise, then this is the first signal of impending edemas.

With swelling during pregnancy will help cope:

Do not drink too much water. you need to move more, walk in the fresh air. But the excessive physical load and hot weather can provoke the appearance of physiological edema.

With such edema it is easy to cope if you have a little rest in the position on the left side. Physiological edema does not require treatment.

How to make butter from stretch marks?

Stretch marks during pregnancy often appear in women with dry skin. Therefore, the main task in prevention and treatment is to moisturize the skin in problem areas.

The surest remedy is oil, which can beto make houses from vegetable oils (olive, linen, jojoba, sea-buckthorn), fish oil and vitamin E. This composition moisturizes the skin and prevents the formation of stretch marks.

Vitamin E and fish oil are sold in pharmacies in the form of capsules. You need 20 capsules of vitamin E and 20 capsules of fish oil. You can extract substances with a needle or a pin.

The contents of capsules need to be poured into a smallcontainer with a dense lid, add a tablespoon of each vegetable oil, close the container tightly and chat for a minute (so that the ingredients mix well).

This mixture should be used every day from about the third month of pregnancy.

  • a glass of olive (or linseed) oil
  • two teaspoons of wheat germ oil
  • four teaspoons of almond oil
  • a few drops of lavender

Mix all the ingredients and use every day.

The same means can be used after childbirth. But in this period, before applying the oil, it is best to pre-treat the problem areas with scrub.

The simplest is a glass of salt, a glass of sugar andhalf a glass of any vegetable oil. Apply the scrub to the skin and massage for 10-15 minutes. It is best to do this by taking a shower. Then the skin is applied with oil.

Sufficiently effective are scrubs based on ground coffee. Add to it you can honey, some essential oil, clay, apple cider vinegar.

But any scrub should not be used more than twice a week. In the remaining days, one oil from stretch marks is sufficient.

Dangers at the 37th week of pregnancy

It is at this time that delivery can begin in women,who wear a second or third child. But at all pregnant women at this time the stomach falls, pressure on all internal organs, except for a bladder decreases. Brechston-Hicks contractions occur more often, they become longer and more painful.

It is possible the appearance of blood secretions. They indicate that the mucous plug comes off. which throughout the entire pregnancy has clogged the cervix to protect the fetus from pathogenic microflora.

In consistence, it looks like a transparent, white or cream jelly, the volume does not exceed the volume of two tablespoons. After the mucous plug has departed, the birth can begin at any time.

But there are women who do not begin this process for 10-14 days. In any case, it is necessary to avoid staying in standing water (including a bath).

In addition, you can not have sex. It is also necessary to visit a gynecologist and take tests for streptococci. If after the separation of the cork pains appear, you should immediately consult a doctor.

The second type of discharge at the 37th week is watery. They appear in the event that the water flows gradually, in small portions.

In any case, the allocation of a similar consistencyindicate the beginning of labor, so it's time to go to the hospital. Especially if the watery discharge is accompanied by a pulling pain in the lower abdomen, and when walking, the legs are hurt.

All you need to take with you to the hospital. by this time must be collected. If the fights begin, you need to monitor their frequency and duration. It's time to apply breathing techniques and start slow walking. This greatly simplifies the situation. In the maternity hospital it is necessary to go, if the bouts are repeated every 5 minutes. Births at the 37th week of pregnancy are considered timely.