Constant swelling what to do

Raven Crow Pupil (176), closed 3 years ago

For a long time, Naphtizin and Rhinostop were taking drops. due to which I sometimes sneeze, but mostly I can not breathe through my nose. No snot, feeling like swollen nasal mucosa. when it is absolutely unbearable (at night for example) once again instilled naftizina, vasoconstrictive and it becomes easier.
I understand that this is not an option. Tell me what to do? Answers - go to the kvachu not accepted. I can not go to the doctor, there is no such possibility.

Olga The Thinker (6687) 5 years ago

You what! Medicines can not take long! Read the instructions in the side effects. It's poison! Edema is likely already from getting used to them. It is necessary to warm the nose with a warm compress, salt for example to warm, pour into the sock (there are socks for the feet, and then you'll think what I mean by pouring into the nose))). it is possible to tie in a sack or put it in a rag and put it on the bridge of the nose. Hold for 20 minutes. And so every day several times. And before going to bed at all put and sleep so much as there is patience. Can decoction of chamomile. A naphthysine and the like are not meant for treatment, but for temporary relief they will not be cured yet. These medicines do not treat the disease itself, but only alleviate its SYMPTOMS at the time of illness. And all that. For this they are intended.

Misha of the Denis Thinker (7048) 5 years ago

go to the doctor to do a blockade, until the genyant does not work, the naphthysine will be combined,

Irima Artificial Intelligence (137683) 5 years ago

to the doctor it is necessary to address for finding-out of the reasons of an edema.
maybe you have a curved nasal septum and you are aboutThis even does not suspect, possibly allergic renite. it is possible and even worse))) the mucosal edema clears the isotonic solution well, and is easier 1h. l. salt, preferably sea, a glass of water and wash your nose every morning, you can and throughout the day. To do this, take a baby syringe and tilt the head sideways and a little forward, effortlessly inject the solution on the septum of the nose. Do alternately with each nostril, until the left of the water comes from the right and vice versa. And vasoconstrictive drugs will not help you, the more you are used to them. Perhaps ENT will prescribe to you the washing of the nose on the apparatus or physiotherapy. Self-medication is dangerous for your health!

STOM.RU Artificial Intelligence (298240) 5 years ago

nazoneks _ expensive, but effective!