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Author: weranova Status: User Time: 00:19 Date: 07 Mar 2007

Girls! Who was like that? At the beginning of the B excess weight I had 6-9 kg. Initially, a toxicosis and all that - I was losing weight. but did not recover. For the first trimester, she lost almost 3 kilos. Then up to 30 weeks added weight in the norm - no complaints. And now the second week for a kilogram I add and swelling. Edema I had before pregnancy, there is no protein in the urine, normal pressure as far as I can judge by the state of health and weekly measurements in the LC. What did I incur to gain weight? This is an internal swelling or it's normal. By the 32nd week I had added just a little more than 5 kg. In zhk I was given Obesity 1 degree, dropsy and sent to a day hospital. I did not go to the hospital, I do not believe in them. Edema decreases if I drink kidney tea. After the pills of euphilin, they also practically disappeared. I do not feel like taking any pills. How often can you drink this kidney tea? And what do your doctors say about swelling and similar weight gain. When you drink diuretic swelling disappear completely? My legs swell, in the mornings a little bit of a face. My doctor is on sick leave, when it will be unknown. Yesterday I read in the book that swelling during pregnancy is normal, they even prevent miscarriage in the event of a threat.

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Author: katat Status: User Time: 11:07 Date: 07 Mar 2007

at me edemas were from 26 weeks, trieddo without salty, sharp, fat, in water is not limited. tried to drink cranberry or cowberry mors - but in my swelling became stronger, at 34 weeks already and the diet stopped helping, I drank a pill of euphyllin. The waters are clear, swelling did not rise to the stomach. The main thing do not panic and stick to a reasonable diet.
The oldest 10 years, I just now in her card deducted that to me and with her put gestosis. and in the second B the doctor never said this word :) for B scored 19 kg, after birth, 9 kg left, a month later 5 more.
Tranquility and easy to you delivery!

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Author: FrauBu Status: Newbie Time: 11:54 Date: 07 Mar 2007

dear, do not worry! What obesity? I have 33 weeks and plus 13 kg scored. Edema is. But not so everything is bad to fall into depression from the diagnoses of LCD. Go for more walks, sign up for the pool and do not let the doctors spoil the mood.

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Author: weranova Status: User Time: 20:03 Date: 07 Mar 2007

Yes, my husband and I are every evening pinned on thisobesity. And I'm all looking at myself in the mirror. Well, I was never thin, and the big belly makes all other parts of the body somehow smaller. And after the first birth I immediately was the same as before B. The stomach certainly came back to normal longer, but the kilograms were immediately as before B. So there is no depression, there are thoughts whether it's all right with the little baby, whether there are internal swelling. In the hospital bed early to be under observation.
Some people do not feel pressure, but there is no way to measure every day.

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Author: celts Status: Newbie Time: 12:08 Date: 07 Mar 2007

Wow, obesity. I even reread it twice, I decided that I did not understand correctly. You know, at that time, I also had swelling on my ankles, all the tests were normal, the pressure was too. All has passed or has taken place after sorts. I did not drink any medicines, so did the herbs. Do not limit the liquid, saw as usual. The warm bath was helped, however, for a short time. I, alas, was not measured at all. And there can not be such an increase because of nutrition (well, are there foods with high carbohydrate content)?

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Author: weranova Status: User Time: 19:56 Date: 07 Mar 2007

Maybe because of nutrition. I eat regularly, and enough, I drink ginipral, and from him and from orthosiphon it's bad for me if I do not eat. And about obesity to me is simply ridiculous. Would put it right away, but I had extra pounds at the beginning of B. And then suddenly at 30 weeks another doctor (my leave from the sick leave - for a long time) suddenly puts on obesity and I added that in fact less than the prescribed half.

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Author: Natalie_V Status: Newbie Time: 1:30 pm Date: 07 Mar 2007

What is the blood protein and hemoglobin? norms are as follows:
hemoglobin 105-110 g / l
total serum protein not lower than 65 g / l
albumin not lower than 35 g / l
If all this is normal, there are no worries, and edemas are not dangerous.
If the protein is low - for example, not below normal, buton the lower border - then, maybe you did not eat well :) due to your excess weight, and this could lead to a lack of protein. The lack of protein and salt leads to a decrease in the osmotic pressure of the blood plasma and the development of edema. In this case, a diet with a high protein content (but not calories!) Is shown - for example, kefir, skim curd, boiled meat.
However, if the protein is normal, the food should not be changed.it is necessary, but you need to score on the LCD - I have, on the contrary, there was a slight deficit in weight at the beginning of the second pregnancy, and there are no swelling, but they still write watermarks - they would write current.
And in what book did you read that edemas are normal and even prevent miscarriage? it's the way it is, it's just that we rarely write about it, swallowing immediately as a dropsy.

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