Edema on the left side

Subject. swelling of the left side of the face

Hello Dear Doctor! It so happened that I was attacked on the street at night when I returned home. Strong blow fell on the upper left cheek bone (next to the nose). I came home full of blood. Result:; when you press a little, you feel a crunch and pain. At the time of writing, 28 hours have passed. The edema was slightly asleep and a black eye appeared. The only thing that bothers me is that the left side of the lip, the upper gum on the left and part of the cheek do not feel anything (as if they did anesthesia). The doctor said there was no fracture of the malar bone, and since the blow fell on the exit site of the nerve, and interrupted it, the restoration of sensitivity will be long. Tell me please, what is the forecast for the restoration of sensitivity, and what can the crunch mean even with the slightest pressure?

You need consultation of the maxillofacial surgeon and detailed X-ray images of the bones of the facial skeleton. Good luck.

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