What causes swelling?

O The main cause of edema or bags under the eyes - this is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the body,which is collected overnight. Of course, there may be other causes, such as changes in the fatty subcutaneous layer due to the age of the person, and heredity.

Also bags under the eyes may occur due to diseases of internal organs, nervous system, kidneys, heart, intestines or stomach. In the latter case, it makes no sense to try to eliminate swelling under the eyes. acting on them externally, but you need to immediately contact a specialist who will help determine your illness causing these swelling.
When you cure an improperly functioning organ, you will also get rid of the bags under your eyes.

If you are sure that you are absolutely healthy, but the swelling under your eyes makes itself felt with regular regularity, think about what your actions can cause them.

You can always feel thirsty at bedtime,and you drink a lot of liquids? Try not to do this, limit yourself to just a few sips of clean water. And taking a considerable amount of liquor in the evening will also invariably affect your eyes in the morning.
It also contributes to the formation of bags under the eyes, so it is too salty and spicy food. To cry at bedtime is also not the best thing that will definitely affect your appearance in the morning.

And sometimes some cosmetic preparations can cause allergy and irritation of the skin around the eyes, and as a result, the eyelids swell.
In order to avoid the appearance of swelling under theeyes, try to eat more foods containing vitamin B5. This fish, meat, eggs, liver, beans, fresh vegetables (asparagus, cauliflower, beets), ceps and champignons.
Also rich in this vitamin are dairy andfermented milk products, nuts, wheat germ and wheat bran, whole wheat bread. Good help to remove excess liquid from the body such fruits and vegetables as watermelon, strawberries, parsley and pumpkin, but still, it is not recommended to abuse them.

P about the possibility, more free time, walk in the fresh air, sleep well, and do not overwork yourself.
Next on the link you will find recipes of folk remedies that will help you in the shortest time remove swelling and bags under the eyes .

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