Edema in what reason

Sometimes, you get up in the morning, you look in the mirror, andthere ... terrible swelling under the eyes. You start to sort out what reason caused them. It turns out that it can not be one and not always obvious. Consider what can cause eye swelling and what kind of treatment will help get rid of it. In parallel, we will talk about the retinal edema.

In principle, a slight swelling under the eyes afterawakening can be observed in quite healthy people, including in young children. It arises from the accumulation of fluid in a dream, but after we go to the toilet, wash ourselves and have breakfast, the puffiness disappears without a trace. But the retina swelling is clearly not see, from it so quickly you will not get rid of, and the reasons for it are different, but more about this later.

A stronger but passing eye swelling can be observed with:

  1. Constant lack of sleep and overwork. In such cases, the person not only swells around the eyes- he feels broken, concentrates badly, gets irritated for anything. Here the best treatment is rest, full sleep and rest, so that the body can recover.
  2. Drinking plenty of fluids in the afternoon, at night. The organism can not cope with such a load,which will lead to edema under the eyes. More often than not, it is not the drunkard that sucks up the liquid, but the food that feeds it. So, if you drink a glass of water before going to sleep on an empty stomach, everything will be fine in the morning. If you drink water or tea after herringor smoked sausages, eaten at night, swelling in the morning will be provided. Treatment: restriction of fluid intake in the second half of the day (at night), the use of salty, smoked and other products that provoke a constant thirst.
  3. Alcohol intoxication (with a hangover). Excessive use of alcohol on the eveleads to an incorrect distribution of fluid in the body. A clear example of this is not only the swelling under the eyes in the morning, but also the swollen face. Treatment: the use of a large amount of fluid, taking aspirin and sleeping. This is necessary to remove the products of alcohol breakdown from the blood and return the body to a normal state. By the way, love for alcohol sooner or later can turn into retinal diseases.
  4. Allergies, conjunctivitis and colds. In such cases, there is not only edema of the eyes, but also itching, burning in them, a runny nose. Treatment is symptomatic. It should be appointed by the doctor after determining the cause.

If swelling under the eyes occur regularly andlong do not pass, appear on the hands and feet for no apparent reason, it is necessary to go to a medical institution for examination. Probably, in it various diseases are guilty.

More serious reasons for swelling

Retinal and eye swelling can cause cardiovascular disease. The fact is that they lead to the defeat of the vessels of the whole organism. They can deform, thin out, narrow or expand.

As a consequence, there may be a malfunction in themicrocirculation and nutrition of the eye tissues. This, in turn, contributes to the accumulation of fluid in them, which can result in edema of the retina, the bundle of its tissues.

Such phenomena are dangerous for vision (it can be completely lost). You can learn about them not by edema under the eyes, but by such symptoms as:

  • Blur or distortion of the image.
  • Increased photosensitivity, photophobia, photophobia.
  • The vision of the world seems to be through rose-colored glasses.
  • Low visual acuity in the morning.

If such symptoms occur,To address to the ophthalmologist for finding-out of their reason. Treatment must be prescribed by him. If the process is not started, it can be medicamentous - eye drops, pills, injections, corticosteroid injections into the vitreous.

In the running cases can be assignedsurgical intervention: removal of the vitreous body, laser photocoagulation. After surgery, swelling dissolves within a few months and vision is gradually restored. True, not always to the previous level.

Other possible causes that can cause edemaand eyes, and retina, are hormonal disorders, obesity, renal insufficiency. And these diseases can arise from one another and negatively affect the work of the whole organism.

In such cases, a complexa survey to determine why retinal edema or eye swelling occurred. So, if endocrine diseases are to blame for this, hormone replacement therapy may be prescribed. If the cause is in obesity, the treatment is directed to weight reduction by the appointment of diets, the normalization of the metabolism or surgically (put a bandage on the stomach), etc.

Is it worth using diuretics and other means for self-edema (video):

And what do you think about it? Do you have problems with edema under the eyes, and how do you deal with them? We are waiting for your comments and advice.