Edema from bread

Most of the sitting ladies, on all sorts of diets,at times, ask the question "is it possible to eat bread when losing weight and, if possible, which one?". We answer - you can! Correctly selected bread will help control appetite, return the waist, get rid of shortness of breath and, finally, gain a sense of self-confidence and its attractiveness!

Yes, you quite correctly understood thatto lose weight, you need not only on time and regularly eat, but also in no case do not give up bread. It remains only to find out which bread is suitable for healthy dietary nutrition, and also how to replace unhealthy high-calorie meals.

The 2 most common myths about bread

The majority of slimming people are sure that baking and breadin the first place - the cause of all ills and excess weight on the hips: this is an excessive amount of carbohydrates, fat and calories. It's easier to give up bread than from a favorite dress. Dissolve the established myths.

Caloric content of bread depending on the varietyis 200-300 kcal in 100 grams and about 40-50 grams of carbohydrates. For comparison: the caloric content of prunes, which is actively promoted as a dietary product - 240 kcal and 58 grams of carbohydrates, of which all 58 grams is pure fruit sugar. In this case, 100 grams of prunes for a pleasant conversation with a girlfriend is eaten completely imperceptibly, quickly, and just as fast the hunger comes again.

Excess weight is added not from bread, but from improper use. By the way, read how to clean the stomach and sides at home in a short time.

This myth is partly true, and everything dependsfrom what flour is baked bread, what additives are included in its composition and how soon the bread got to your table from the oven. For example, you do not need to eat hot bread, especially crumb - this can cause pain and indigestion. Yesterday's bread on the contrary - is easier to digest, improves digestion and does not leave a sense of heaviness, if not to abuse.

Having studied the varieties of flour, you will learn how to learn the label yourself and make the right choice before buying.

From what bake the right bread

Flour, from which are baked all kinds ofbread, is divided into several varieties and degrees of grinding. And the lower the grade of flour, the more useful it is bread. Variety of flour denotes not its quality, but its content in flour useful for digestion and the figure of natural shells of grain and bran. We will go into more detail in the main.

1. High-grade flour is usually baked with high-calorie buns with sugar, buns with raisins and other sweet pastries. Wheat flour of the highest grade is already cleared of vitamins and minerals, because from it the embryo and all natural shells of grain are removed. Baking from such flour makes digestion difficult and, turning into ballast, slag the body. Often high-grade flour is added with special bleaches and, to slightly increase the usefulness of bread, synthetic vitamins that can cause allergies and poisoning. Another disadvantage of such flour is that it quickly increases blood sugar, and this immediately affects the figure in the form of visible deposits on your waist.

2. The first and second grade flour is used for baking bread and uneaten products. This flour contains more shells of grain and, accordingly, brings more benefits, in contrast to flour of higher grades.

3. The most useful can be called a wallpaper flour, which is made from whole grains. This flour is quite rough, and when baking it, bakers mix the flour of higher grades so that the bread rises well and does not turn out to be so hard. Coat flour contains all its natural shells, incredibly rich in fiber, B vitamins, vitamin E, minerals, iron, zinc and selenium. Butter flour is unpresentable and at the same time is the most valuable in the diet of a person who watches over his health and figure.

A great role is played by the size of grinding flour. The thinner it is, the worse it affects us: in the body, baking from fine grinding flour is a hard-to-digestible lump, and from the coarse flour - on the contrary, it improves and eliminates many digestive problems.

To successfully lose weight, breadyou need to eat necessarily, but exclude from your menu sweet cakes, lavish bread made from wheat flour of the finest grind and baking containing yeast, which come into conflict with the microflora of the body.

How to choose a healthy bread if there is no manufacturer's label

Help you in this two practical tips:

1. Pay attention to the top crust of bread. If it is made of useful wallpaper flour, the crust will be bumpy and plain, if smooth with an even, uniform color - from fine grinding flour.
2. The fact that the bread is baked from the flour of coarse grinding, indicate the various inclusions and the heterogeneous structure of the crumb on the cut.

Assortment of useful and dietary bread is wide, choose any to your liking!

Bread with bran (227 kcal)

Bread with bran will bring a particularly noticeable result, if you are at the very beginning of your journey to harmony.
Bran reduces the calorie content of bread, sincedigestible, while helping to regulate digestion, cleaning the body of toxins, reduce blood sugar, remove excess water and accelerate metabolism.

Already in 7-10 days after the beginning of the usebread with bran will noticeably decrease edema, and you will feel the same lightness in the body. Thanks to bran, which has the property of increasing in volume, one small slice of such bread will allow you to quickly saturate and not to feel hungry for a long time. Particularly good bread with bran is suitable for breakfast: it awakens and adjusts the body to work.
If you suffer from diseases of the digestive system, consult a doctor beforehand.

Bread from oat flour (260 kcal)

Oatmeal bread will help you to cope perfectly withan irresistible desire to eat a bun with raisins. A pleasant specific taste and smell, inherent only in oat flour, immediately quench your sudden "I want". The ideal time for oatmeal bread is breakfast. Combine with it any low-calorie mousse, cottage cheese with honey or fruit.

Oatmeal, turning into flour, does not lose at alltheir health and quality attributes: cleans vessels, removes excess water and thereby removes swelling, regulates blood cholesterol levels and improves digestion. Therefore, bread from oatmeal flour will be an excellent alternative to the baked goods you are accustomed to eat, as well as oatmeal, if you are tired of it.

Multi-grain bread (250 kcal)

Another option to replace the sweet rolls will be multi-grain bread.

It is baked from a mixture of flour with various grains andseeds - from sunflower seeds to confectionery poppy and, as a rule, without the addition of white wheat flour of the highest grade. Multi-grain bread is good for making toast for breakfast combined with olive oil or honey, and for a snack in the morning.

Bread from whole-grain flour (230 kcal)

This is the most useful type of bread for a diet, becausethat is made of wallpaper flour. Enough pairs of slices of whole grain bread in the morning to get the daily rate of useful trace elements. And you can cook pancakes with whole-grain flour without eggs.

This bread is prescribed for obesity, since it isvery well cope with problems in digestion, lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, accelerates metabolism and, accordingly, helps very quickly get rid of excess fat deposits. Even after allowing yourself a slice of whole grain bread for dinner, you can absolutely not worry about the figure. Only within 10-14 days the bulging belly will significantly decrease and the craving for sweets will disappear.

Rye bread (165 kcal)

Perhaps this is the most feminine and most dietary type of bread. There are three reasons to give preference to rye bread.

1. In rye flour contains a special amino acid - lysine, which we can get only from food. Lysine is important for the structure and regeneration of skin cells, muscles, responsible for the elasticity of blood vessels and the production of collagen. Rye bread for women is also necessary because this amino acid regulates the activity of the mammary glands and supports the hormonal background.

2. The uniqueness of rye bread lies in the fact that it is baked on leaven, which gives rye bread an easy sourness. Thanks to lactic acid bacteria, bread on leaven, unlike yeast, is better absorbed by the body and has a beneficial effect on the process of accelerating the metabolism and assimilation of valuable micronutrients. Usually in the composition of rye bread you can find ingredients such as malt, hop or fruit sourdough. The maximum benefit from rye bread can be obtained in the first 36 hours after baking.

3. Rye bread contains fewer calories and carbohydrates than wheat. Compared with the same wheat bread, it almost three times more fiber, which improves digestion and gently cleanses the body. The use of rye bread is an excellent prevention of diseases of the digestive system and diabetes.

Rye bread is contraindicated in cases of high acidity of the stomach.

Bread with flax flour or seeds (320 kcal)

Flaxseed, like oil, does wonders notonly with hair and skin, but also intensively promotes weight loss. Dietitians developed a special diet based on flax. However, oil and cereal from the seeds have a specific taste, which is absolutely not felt in bread.

Flaxseed flour contains the mostvaluable vegetable protein, unsaturated fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6, which are rich in expensive red fish, fiber, vitamins A, E and B vitamins. Flaxseed bread has cleansing properties, Omega-3 and Omega-6 accelerate the metabolism to the full power, burning stored fat and thereby accelerating the process of losing weight several times.

How much you can eat bread with losing weight?

Healthy and correct weight loss is impossible withoutconsumption of bread, but it is important to take into account its caloric value. Nutritionists believe that, on average, the norm for an adult is 100-150 grams of bread a day, it is 2-3 pieces for breakfast and 1-2 for lunch. Bread is not recommended for dinner because of the high carbohydrate content.

Bread can be combined with vegetables, light broths, sour-milk products. And porridge, pasta, potatoes, legumes, fish and meat should be consumed without bread.

Fashion for a healthy and healthy diet is gaining momentum, and this is the very case when she should blindly follow! By the way, there is a specially developed bread diet.

Author of the article: Natalie Lissey