Edema on the lashes

Each era has its own ideas about women'sbeauty, and what is now considered unacceptable, was once an ideal. The present beauties can only roll their eyes in horror, looking at the canvases of Rembrandt or Rubens. The women of those years had more than enough, with which it is now accepted to fight mercilessly - extra pounds, belly with numerous folds, covered with cellulite "dimples" of fluffy hips. However, the then fashion successfully masked all this in voluminous crinolines and long skirts, mercilessly tightened corsets.

But the shorter the skirts became, the strongerthe ideal of female beauty was changing. And with the arrival of mini, full thighs and cellulite became the first enemies of the female sex. Alas, but it is the hips, or, as they are often called girls, lashka, are the area that is most inclined to collect all the fat stores of the body. So nature itself conceived. The presence of fat in this part of the body is a guarantee that a woman can easily endure and give birth to a healthy baby. And it begins to accumulate here already when there is no thought about conception yet. For the same reason, the body and part with it with difficulty. That's why removing fat from lyashek is a big problem.

The main "whales", which are worth fighting against fat deposits on the hips, are proper nutrition, sport and body care.

Do you need a diet for lashek?

There is no special special diet for lyas. Restrictions on nutrition in this case are the same as for any weight loss.

First of all, it will be necessary to remove everything from the diet,that is able to add volume to the hips and waist, namely: sweets; bakery products; pickling; smoking; marinades; sharp, fatty and fried foods; mayonnaise; canned food; soda.

The basis of the diet should be vegetables (all butpotatoes). It is best to cook them on a pair or on a grill or eat fresh. Garnish to them should choose wild or brown rice, pasta, prepared from durum wheat, buckwheat and other cereals.

Of meat products, preference should be given tomeat of a bird (a turkey, a chicken), lean veal, beef. And again, the most useful cooking methods are steamed, grilled, cooked, cooked. But garnish for meat should only serve vegetables.

It's also good to give up salt, because it has the ability to hold water in the body, which leads to swelling and adds extra centimeters to the thighs.

From drinks, preference should be given to simple or mineral water without gas, freshly squeezed juices, green tea.

Seafood and seafood, eggs, liver, dairy products (skimmed yogurt and cottage cheese), nuts and fruits (except bananas and grapes) will also help to remove fat from lyas.

Advice from the "star". to get rid of fat deposits on the thighs, which Hollywood actress Jessica Alba podnakopila during pregnancy, a nutritionist advised her to reduce the calorie intake to 1200 calories a day. This amount helped the girl save energy for the whole day and at the same time quickly lose weight in the hips.

Effective exercises for slimming lsashek

The second "whale" of our program to get rid offat on ljashkah - physical activity. With fat deposits on the hips, it is most effective to fight with cardio training - running, jumping, squatting, riding a bicycle, dancing, walking, that is all that "loads" the muscles of the legs. It is best to start with small loads, increasing as they become accustomed.

Well, as the "aim fire", aimed specifically at lyashki, the following complex is suitable.

1 exercise. helps to strengthen the weakened muscles of the legs, giving them relief.

Starting position: standing straight, spread legs to the width of the shoulders.

Not hurrying to rise on socks, as much as possible having extended upwards, and also not hurrying to fall downwards. Run at least 25 times.

2 Exercise. helps to remove fat from the inside of the lyas, tightens flabby muscle tissue.

Starting position: sit on a chair and bend your knees at right angles.

Place between the hips a small rubber ball and that there are forces to squeeze it. Perform 2 repetitions for 10-15 times.

3 exercises: it helps to form slender hips, tightens them, and also strengthens the press.

On exhalation, raise the leg, keeping it straight, on inhalation return to the FE. The same with the other leg. Exercise slowly, carefully watching the breathing. Run 2 reps of 15-20 times.

4 Exercise. strengthens muscle tissue of the hips, removes fat deposits, gives lashes harmony.

Starting position: lying on his back, stretching his hands along the body and raise his legs to a height of 30 cm.

Imitate with the feet movement as when swimming with a breaststroke. Perform 2 repetitions for 10-15 times.

5 Exercise. helps to work the muscles of the back of the thighs.

Initial position: stand on all fours, rested his hands on the floor in front of him. Pull the right leg back, without bending it in the knee, to rest it with your fingers on the floor and as high as possible to raise it. After making 15-20 rises, switch to the other leg.

Run 2 reps for each leg.

6 Exercise: when performing it, you can noticeably remove the fat from the lilacs on their entire surface.

Starting position: squat down, leaning his hands on the floor. Sharply raise the pelvis, straightening the legs, and freeze in this pose for a minute. Then take the PI. Perform 2 repetitions of 10-15 times.

7 Exercise. tightens the back of the thighs, burns fat.

Starting position: sit on the floor, straightened legs. Lean forward, trying to grasp your toes with your hands. Perform 2 repetitions of 10-15 times.

8 exercise. involves all the muscles of the thigh, as well as the gluteal muscles. Strengthens them, forms a beautiful relief.

Starting position: lean your hands on the back of the chair, spreading your legs as wide as possible.

Slowly perform squatting so thatfeel the tension in the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Crouching is necessary before the formation of a right angle in the knees. Get up just as slowly. Perform 2 repetitions for 10 times.

The exercise is complicated, after every repetition it is necessary to wait about a minute to relieve tension in the muscles.

Advice from the "star". the famous singer Gwen Stefani was able to return the chiseled forms to her hips thanks to the dances. "Star" daily engaged in a dance studio for an hour and soon could already remove fat from lyashek and flaunt at concerts in short outfits.

How to lose weight in ljashkov by means of cosmetic procedures

And finally, the third stage in losing weight lyashek - cosmetic procedures.

If funds permit, you can contact theSpa. One of the best modern salon procedures is LPG-modeling of the body, or vacuum-roller massage. Experts say: 1 correctly conducted a 45-minute LPG session in terms of efficiency equals a nine-kilometer run! The meaning of this procedure is the hardware impact on the skin and fat deposits. Already after several sessions due to the fat burning and lymph drainage effect, a significant decrease in body volume and a decrease in cellulite manifestations are noted.

  • Massage with vacuum cans

However, to achieve such a result, although notso fast, you can and home. For example, self-massage with vacuum banks can be considered analogous to the LPG procedure. You can remove fat from lyas for 10 procedures, which are best done in a day.

1. Prepare the skin by walking on it with a stream of water under the shower, turned on at full power, for 15 minutes. This will reduce the risk of hematoma formation

2. Wet the skin and lightly mash it with your hands, greasing with any moisturizer or massage oil.

3. Now you can go to a can of massage. It should be performed in the direction of movement of the lymph - from the bottom up, from the knee to the waist. For greater efficiency, you need to alternate movements - straight, wavy, circular. Avoid exposure to the inner thigh. For each lyashek you can take no more than 10 minutes of massage.

4. Wash off the oil or cream and apply any anti-cellulite to the skin.

Council cosmetologist. when self-fulfilling vacuum massage should not be carried away aromatic oils, especially citrus or cayenne pepper oil. The vacuum itself will have a fat burning and drainage effect, and for a better gliding of the cans, a good olive oil is also enough.

  • Wraps at home

Another effective salon procedure -wrapping. There are several types of them - mud, clay, algal, chocolate, salt, honey, but they all have one remarkable effect - they break down the subcutaneous fat, they remove stagnant fluid from the connective tissues, remove puffiness and, thus, reduce lashes and give the skin on the thighs is healthy looking.

We offer three alternative salon wraps, which, with regular use, help remove fat from lyas and reduce hips by 5-7 cm!

Pour 150 g of cocoa powder without impurities 500 mlhot water and mix in a homogeneous mass without lumps. As soon as the composition has cooled to a temperature of 37-38 0. Apply it to the hips as thick as possible, wrap it on top with a film and put on warming clothing. After 20 minutes, wash everything off. The skin will be surprisingly soft to the touch, and fragrant with the aroma of chocolate.

Pour 100 g of purchased at the pharmacy dryseaweed (fucus or kelp) with hot water (not boiling water!) and leave for half an hour to swell. Mass the smudge on the lashes and continue to do everything as in the above recipe.

Important: this wrap is contraindicated to those who have problems with the thyroid gland!

In 200 ml of honey, preheated to a liquid stateon a water bath, add 5 drops of orange (you can grapefruit or lemon) oil. The composition is used according to the classical scheme of wraps, and it should be washed off in half an hour.

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Kira, but how long have you been training?
Faced the same problem, and I canto share a little advice from personal experience, who suddenly comes in handy) In addition to training, I drank a urological tea, he actively removes water from the body. In the shower is not superfluous to scrub, you can add to it a thick ground coffee - it increases the elasticity. Another great help in wrapping food film. To the ingredients that are indicated in the article, you can add a caffeine ampoule (sold in a pharmacy) - it also takes out the liquid. And I was still very helped by the sauna (sauna) - minus 3-5 kg ​​per week. ☺

I've been on a diet for a month now. A little "hid" tummy, but with lyashka nothing. (:
I will try these methods, can lashka finally return to normal.

And you can ask such a question, in 10 years you need to go on a diet. my height is 159 cm, and weight is 59 what to do?